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Any plans to balance AI teams

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I dont mind a challenge but the AI teams seem of balance,a navybrig two mercs an two  pickles.  against three brigs a pickle and two cutters seems a little one sided. nearly every match is a variation on this if its one player per team and five Ai shouldn't the Ai pull equal ships. or when in a brig and matched against a player in a merc the high leveled player ends up with more high level ships. so teams are unbalanced. other than that  and the disproportionate xp reward for killing as opposed to damage delt. im loving N.A.L much better than N.A.



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This frequently seems to be happening when there are groups involved with the matchmaking. It seems for some reason the group of 2 players are in the stronger ships and are given lesser NPC's while the single or 2 individual players on the other team usually are in lower ships and are given stronger NPC ships to make up the difference. The problem is that sometimes the so called stronger ships are not a match for the group players ships.

I had 2 battles yesterday where a group of 2 players were in Indefatigables while in the first battle I was in a Frigate and the other player was in a Cerberus and in the second battle I was in an Essex and the other player was in a Renommee. In both battles the strongest NPC we had was a Pirate Frigate. Needless to say both battles were a one sided affair. The full lists of these battles is as below.

Battle 1: Team 1: NPC's - 2xFrigate and 2xPirate Frigate, and Players - Frigate, Cerberus

  Team 2: NPC's  - Frigate, Essex and Pirate Frigate, and Players - 2xIndefatigable in group


Battle 2: Team 1: NPC's - 2xPirate Frigate, Frigate and Renommee, and Players: Essex and Renommee

Team 2: NPC's - 2xPirate Frigate and Frigate, and Players - 2xIndefatigable in group

In both these battles I know which side I would want to be on and in what ship, there is no way this could be called an even match. Even if in both cases the other team had been given a couple of NPC Indefatigables instead of Pirate Frigates the team with the group players would still have the advantage.

I know people will say that they plan to eventually remove NPC's from the game, but as it currently stands with the player numbers this is not likely to happen any time soon and battles like these will cause people to leave the game.

People may also say that a Pirate Frigate can take down an Indefatigable, which is correct in a 1v1, but when there is 2 players in a group working together it becomes hard as they work it so that as you try to rake one you have to face the broadside from the other.

I am not blaming the group players as it is good to play with friends and work together, but I was disappointed that in both cases the group players tried to defend the matching saying that the Pirate Frigate was equivalent to the Indefatigable, or that the extra ship made it an even match. In other threads I have seen people saying small groups of players should not have a handicap, but with matchmaking like this they need a bigger handicap.

The matchmaking should be that in both teams the strongest ships in each team are players with the NPC's as fillers in equal or lower ships. i.e. in both the battles above the other team should have had at least one player Indefatigable before it could be considered a match.

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