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8 December 2017 patch notes

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Hello Captains

Today we're introducing our first event for testing: Weekend Solo Skill Trials.

A few words about how it works:

  • Join the balancer queue from the special Events interface (joining using the usual SAIL button won't record your progression for the event)
  • Play matches against other captains in random battles (using the Events interface)
  • To win the event, get kill credit for as many enemy ships as possible in battle - the captain who gains the most kills receives the biggest reward (if more than one captain has the same number of kills, the tiebreaker will be wins, then assists, then the result of dividing total damage inflicted by total damage received)
  • You get limited attempts to try to get onto the leader board. But every player passing a kill threshold will get rewards.
  • The Leader Board:
    • The Leader Board will show your progression and reward(s)
    • All kills, wins, and assists are summarized
    • Rewards will be given after the challenge is finished
    • The Leader Board updates once per minute, so you may notice a delay before the data from your latest battle appears there


Other updates:

  • Updated the Social tab in the options window: now it will allow the player to disable global, team, or both chats in battle
  • When a player leaves a battle before his/her ship sinks, an AI captain will be automatically assigned to sail the ship and help the team
  • Three special ships were added to the ships collection.  Players will be able to buy them for gold (the event rewards).  Special ships will allow a player to gain more seamanship experience in battle than he/she does when using other ships


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Nice patch fella. Would it be possible for you to have a locked thread for you @admin and @Ink to POST NA-L Patch updates in one place separate from all other POSTs?

Also, dotting “I” and crossing “t” can we start Number logging the patches.


Love the EVENTs challenge. Maybe you could add an extra column just for @JobaSet

“Number of Circles Capped…”




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15 minutes ago, Jeheil said:

The events are indeed fun...although I am not sure the Fort Map has a place in em


That's the part you dislike? Fort is nothing when you are matched Cerberus against two Indefs. Skill check!

Not that I didn't get then matched fully-upgraded Cerberus against snows and brigs, but hey. Karma.


Though, honestly, why these are not premade battles is beyond me. You could've went with 10x same ship, or a fleet of 10 ships and you take each position exactly once, or even go for themed missions, again - with exact same amount of plays in same position for each player. Otherwise it's kinda... idiotic.

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