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Mortar shots colliding with the air

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Something really weird happened during the PB of Las Sabinas. Our mortar was trying to destroy the enemy fort, which was next to the port, and his shots "collided with" the air.

I don´t know if this has already been reported but I think it´s important enough to be posted here. I didn´t manage to send a F11 report because I had to pay attention to the battle.

This unsual "paranormal activity" can be seen in this video, minute 0:25 :P:P


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here is a article about it


but i do not know if this is as intended,  or an engine driven feature about the ammo use

because i do not see explosions on ships or water or land


if it is used in naval warfare we could use this specific ball in the perk section

as a exploding ball on mortar ships 

or as a normal exploding ball for the normal cannons

[what needs coding and graphical update]


it seems a engine bug to me

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