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So I was in a battle against an ai Bellona in my Aggy with my usual fleet of an Endy and Surprise.  Long story short, by the end of the battle, both were the usual AI and were pressed up against the shore.  The Surprise was even bouncing up and down.  After leaving the battle, I went back to port.  To my horror and surprise, my Endemyon was not in my fleet at the port.  So I lost my ship.

The ships had almost full health at the end of the battle as I was looking at it to laugh at the beaching, so I did not lose it by it sinking.  And it was not beached as much as the Surprise, who came with me.  She was a great ship and I am worried that happened as it happened to a Belle Poule of mine earlier.  I assumed she was sinking that time, but now I am skeptical. 


I hope this can be resolved soon before I or other players lose perfectly fine fleet ships!

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