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Please Let us know the Level/Ranking system Works for Officers

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1 hour ago, JobaSet said:

See your self out of it. Thanks

"Gentlemen, no fighting in the war room!"

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23 minutes ago, jodgi said:

"Gentlemen, no fighting in the war room!"

Just getting frustrated at so many yohoo's, That think they can jump into a conversation and start crap. When I am many other are just doing our best to make game work Right. We have lost 1/2 if not more of the early testers for 2 main reason.

  1st is When we went threw level we didn't get free upgrades, If we got needed Xp for new ships with no slots used. But when it change we didn't get free slots so are forced to more or less level same ship all over again for slots.    

The other is the officers 600k earned xp for a 4th when 3rd was around 60

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