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Naval Action Legends Capping Cirkel/Base

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Today , and some more days in the last weeks.... i did not have fun at naval action legends. This is because of capping cirkels. Wen i go in and sail and fight  , i want to have a fun fight. I dont care if i lose or win , as long as it is fun. But once they enemy captures our cirkel in the first few minutes... its really boring and annoying. Loads of people think this... But i got some solutions for this problem. 

1. Make a SingelPlayer/Multiplayer Button.

How it works: If you dont want people to be an ass and you just want a match were you only fight , you click on singelplayer , instant fight and only bots. ( I personally Would like this alot )

2. Make the cirkels disappear. 

How it works: Let there be no cirkels/bases anymore. Problems Solved. You cant be an ass by capping it in the last minute or in the first minute.. and everyone has a good time. Problem Solved.

I would really appreciate it if the admins/ people who can change this would take a good look at this. One of the 2 solutions above here would make it work :). 

Here is a screenshot from what happened today:


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1. I think you‘re in the wrong channel!?

Can somebody move the thread to NA Legends?

2.  I like the circles!!!

In my opinion they add tactical depth to the game and if set properly will prevent fleets of consisting of just the same type of ships.

So instead of getting rid of the circles completely i suggest to ...

a ) allow people too choose between two different types of matches (with and without circles) or ...

b ) modify the influence of the circles on the match (e.g. think over the distances between the circles, timer at the start of battles to prevend early capturing of the circles, ...).


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