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Mishka gets new firmware 0.1-7-g396a755 and returns to work.

Mishka will report information about scheduled PB, treasury fleet and expire cooldown for ports.

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Hello Captains! Let me introduce bot Mishka. His mainly task is watch conquest information on PVP EU and make tweets about changes. This project still in development state. Probably several

Too many PBs, too many messages. Twitter consider Mishka a spammer and blocks him in a search query. The letter to support I already sent

Experimental feature 😃 Information about scheduled port battles is publishing in Google Calendar. Some screenshots of how it looks in my phone

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oh no, no more PBs. Reset the map except crafteable areas, two 55 ports points for each faction minimum, ban tagging players on traders (sorry @lobogris), AND PVP FUN ALL TIME.

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