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24 minutes ago, Jon Snow lets go said:

Can you attack Sweden please? I need new ships


40% of the Dutch joint Sweden

40 % has left the game

10% is joining other nations or are going to do so

the other 10 % are hard to find

so the answer is >> bla bla..

ohw,.. and your name seems to refer that you are not coming alone,  and are always late or thinkeling your lips blu blu, ... men you need a haircut and stay on topic :)

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Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire (War Server) For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander

Our clan structure, crafting and resource sharing is 100% communist. 

Typical KoC move, hijacking a recruitment thread with screenshots of the last century, then proceeding to rant about "EU superiority complex" 😛 Nice b8 m8 8/8.

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6 minutes ago, Anolytic said:

First of all: What do RUS/REDS have to do with Danmark-Norge? We left that nation long ago.

Second of all, throwing around false accusations of exploits is against the forum rules. Please check them out here: 


With the new BR rules for PBs screening is incredibly OP. This was pointed out while the mechanic was still just a theoretical suggestion and we've kept pointing it out. When the pirates and danes first started to circumvent the whole screening issue we checked with the devs and they endorsed the method before we ever used it. Otherwise we would not have.

That is not to say that we do not agree with you that it is a bad mechanic. Screening should be viable, but balanced. Now it is either OP or useless. 

I do not see why we spent months waiting to get the 30 minute timer to enter PBs after logging in at sea, just to open up this new method of circumventing screening. At this point devs should just remove that timer so that players can be logged out outside of PBs just as well as sitting AFK in battles.

well sorry to hear i made a mistake in calling clans ,i  apologize for that 

but you know which clan i mean perhaps you know the right answer

also very sorry to hear you are trying to threaten me with some kind of forum rule 

very sport 

i did not expect that from you  , very disappointing from you child


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1 minute ago, Thonys said:

also very sorry to hear you are trying to threaten me with some kind of forum rule 

very sport 

i did not expect that from you  , very disappointing from you child


Pointing out that there are rules on the forum is not a threat, it's enlightenment.

And what's up with the name-calling? It doesn't even make sense. I'm evidently the more grown-up of the two of us.

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8 minutes ago, rediii said:

git gud.

CABAL came BACK to sweden with several other guys who left due to failed state called "dutch". 7UP left you now cabal and ppp aswell. If so many clans leave a nation its not because other nations advertised to them but only because there is something wrong inside the nation and you r probably part of that "wrong"


you are brainwashed by haters men

amazing,.. so it s me to blame ..

well i am dutch enough to TAKE that blame so don't forget...

and a another thing:  double-crossing traitors there should be a flag for that.... in OW


Edited by Thonys
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12 minutes ago, rediii said:

too many restrictions

too many exploits to avoid these restrictions

too many not realy finished mechanics (market, contracts, eco in general. We cant even trade on OW or in battle)



Don't forget to add too many nations

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2 minutes ago, rediii said:

Sweden is friendly to everyone its just a game

yes you can walk my plank to

Maybe thats why people run away from your nation. It judt sucks to play in it.

i dont think it suck s and all the other Dutch dont think so, perhaps its you treason mind who is thinking that  lol


Also, turn off your pc please I fear you begin to lose your mind

is that the only answer  you can come up with ?


good day to you to lol

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3 minutes ago, rediii said:

Which is for a reason. Everyone who thought the dutch nation sucks already left that nation.

Now you are one of the smallest nations on the server. Probably even poland is bigger than yours.

Facts speak against you dude.

the fact is you switchers have no balls...


join the biggest >> 5 vs one trader 

come on your own and i let you walk a brand new plank

(you attacked the wrong captain i think,... GWC one member)

Edited by Thonys
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5 minutes ago, rediii said:

I didn't even switch nation once

But yea dude you are right

You are allways right qnd were never wrong

yeah well keep that in mind the next time

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4 minutes ago, rediii said:

That is actually the point. Do a pve mission and think about it

no..... to busy aiming at swedes collaborators.. (afterall its just a ...game)

Edited by Thonys
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Please remain civil to one another please.

Pointing fingers does not help anyone or resolves anything.


The fact is that a large part of the Dutch PVP players, which weren't all that many to begin with, have left the nation.

LIONS went to Prussia, PPP went to France and then to Sweden, 7UP went to the U.S, etc...

One of the reasons behind this is that many PVP players felt that the nation was lacking in initiative to engage in PVP battles, and were more occupied with PVE.

So they left.

Problem now is that we have very little experienced PVP players left in the Dutch Nation
Many players are still just leveling up in the game or gathering resources to build ships, and are therefore mainly doing PVE content.

And yet, other nations still feel the need to come into our waters and stomp us into oblivion.

This will only result in more players in the Dutch nation quitting the game, or move to another nation, which will not help us.


And therefore my only conclusion can be this....other nations are not interested in "actual PVP" but rather "gank PVP", they're only in our waters because they can farm easy PVP marks.

So they can get stronger and stronger on the backs of newer, less experienced players that are 99% completely outnumbered, and outgunned.

And while i can understand the appeal of this, it just accomplished that players are driven away from the nation, or the game entirely.


Also, @admin, as long as the losing party in a PVP battle does not get any PVP marks or meaningful reward, our players will not be willing to risk their ships and upgrades that they had to grind for.

Since most of the opposition that we get are experienced PVP players, they already have all these upgrades and probably PVP marks to spare.

There needs to be a way to crawl forward when doing PVP, because fighting, losing and never getting any kind of compensation is quite depressing.

The system where the winner only gets stronger and the loser only gets weaker, does not help this game in any way, shape or form.


P.S: to all the "Git gud" people out there....that "git gud" comment does not help anyone, and neither does the "hello kittying" or calling people "carebears".

Just admit that you don't want the mechanics that favor you to change.


Yours Sincerely,



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Could we perhaps have the idiots falsely accusing the wrong clan of exploits and the discussion about the #swerg and why no one likes the dutch elsewhere please?  Like perhaps the other dozen or so topics in national news about it.  Thanks!

@Hethwill could we perhaps clean up the thread and kick out the dopes?

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