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This is my first post . Apologies if I should violate any forum conventions. 

I have now been shipwrecked for 2 days ( incl of today's maintenance cycle) . After I entered OW PvP EU to sail, I arrived far from my port of origin, without a ship  only floating in the sea.

The map control M key works and I believe I am stranded somewhere in the water south of Carisle. No other key is working,  inclusive of esc. 

F11 opens the bug window  but not sure whether my message submitted. Mouse controls do not work and cannot look right or left.  Chat windows are all working and update as normal and I am able to enter chat messages.               

 It appears that the graphics are running in a loop. Keeping the map window open only works for a certain time - then its back into the empty ocean.

On the log in screen I have ping for PVP EU and Global, but not for PvE. Maybe not relevant - but never saw this happen before for so long. 

Below is a screenshot which I hope illustrates what I am writing about in the above.

This only happens in PvP EU. I can however log in on PvP Global, and all is working fine, so this is not a hardware issue.

Appreciate  any  help or suggestions as to how to proceed.


















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No this is not solved. I have rebooted the PC, and I have also rebooted the router. No improvement - still floating in the sea looking out for sharks.

Kindly note that when I press f11 the bug window appears and when I press f11 again the status ui upper left corner becomes visible. 

The timer starts at 16:00 hrs and stops at 17:10 hrs after which the ui disappears. pressing f11 2 times again will repeat this loop starting time at 16:00 hrs.

When the ui is visible I can press Esc. however there is not time enough for a controlled exit, as the loop ends before that. If I force the 

shutdown with quit now then when reentering the game I return to the shipwreck as before.

As far as internet connectivity is concerned I have 30mb bandwidth, and I have no problem whatsoever to connect to anything. Since I connect form the Far East

the ping is slow but normal for me when playing NA.

What is unusual is that I don't have ping for PvE ... this did not happen before. I  do not play PvE but PvP EU only.  I have no problem to log on unto PvP Global,.

My last action before entering OW was to use the Pellew sights , which I installed on a Wasa.

Appreciate any help you can render.









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