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As many are not convinced by the hostility system, why not open up Port battles by simply "bribing" the head of the town?

My suggestion to the devs:

- allow Port Battles for Neutral Town by adding a "bribe" feature (comparable to dropping war supply bombs)

- allow bribing wars to open up Port battles for any non-capital (and maybe non-county capital) port

(the attacking/bribing nation can be overbid by the defending/bribing nation to keep the head of town loyal)


I am just thinking of means to allow the casual gamer to have a purpose to generate money and donate it to the nation for any good.

Not many have the time to show up for hostility missions, but the desire to take part in a PvP port battle and contribute for it.

Where am I putting the money?  This can control inflation (and in combination with limiting ressource-production) add more dynamics to the game.


I liked the flag system more, as anyone could waste money buying a flag (and desperately) trying to win a port.

Let me "bribe" Cartagena with 10 million ducats! Is it worth to the Swedes?


"Bribing" is a mechanic maybe worth having a closer look at.


Best Regards





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I see this having interesting merit.

Could it be like so:

Clan A puts a reward out for any clan to take Bridgetown, lets say it's a 5 million gold reward.

Clan a must have at least 5 million gold in their warehouse in order to do this.

Once the reward is set, for a week it is "posted."

Clan B decides to attack the port, if they successfully take it, they get the reward transferred to their warehouse.

If no one collects the reward, it goes back to Clan A's warehouse after the period is done.


Something like that?

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