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Hotfix for patch 13 - Important port battle rule changes

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On 11/3/2017 at 11:07 AM, admin said:


IMPORTANT CHANGE: Victory conditions/points for captured zones

  • But the captured zone points don't accumulate if even a single ENEMY ship is present in the objective (NEW FEATURE)

Imo this made it possible to win pbs by avoiding combat/kiting (again). Defender can have some small fast ships (ex. Prince) to go in and out of the circles, denying the attacker points or just slowing down the attackers point increase enough for it never to reach 1000. Does not mater if attackers dedicate the highest BR to capture the circles when the defender has fast ships that just are kiting while sailing in and out of the circle at different entering points. Result is that attacker do not gain enough points to win, even if the attacker destroy the most ships and have the most points.

IMO kiting/running away should never be a valid tactic for defending a port. I thought the main reason for the circles was to avoid kiting victory's.  

Suggestion: Reverse "the captured zone points don't accumulate if even a single ENEMY ship is present in the objective" back the the highest BR in circle gives points. Also change the victory condition to the the team with the most points at the end of the battle wins the PB. This would force attackers and defenders to capture the circles and invest BR in holding them. Then letting the attackers destroy the Tower and Forts would be a disaster for defenders, in sted of an minor inconvenience as it is now..  


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