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French 4-pdr Corvette 'La Perle' 1744 (with Plans)

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La Perle

(translation : The Pearl)

French 4-pdr Corvette

A very small (three-masted) ship sloop with a length = 76' (pieds du Roi)


12 guns


Drawings by C.-P. Caffiéri, SHM D1 68



Archives of the Port at Toulon (France), 1 L 442.I2. n° 1

Dimensions (pieds du Roi) :

  • Length between perpendiculars : 76'
  • Breadth overall to outside of frame : 20.8'
  • Depth in hold from top of the keel to the line of the deck at the middle line : 9'

Armament : 

  • historical : 12 x 3-pdr, then 12 x 4-pdr 
  • in-game suggestion : 12 x 4-pdr (broadside weight = 24 pdr)

Built in Brest by J. Chapelle, under the orders of Blaise Ollivier.

Sources :

J. Boudriot, Historique de la Corvette, p. 19-21.


2 hours ago, Malachi said:

La Perle was one of three corvettes - usually used as scouts ahead of the fleet -  of the ill-fated d'Enville expedition in 1747, bound for Canada.

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