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Player generated missions

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I would like to suggest:


  • Playergenerated missions

Missions in a ports (or nation) generated/made by players. For example traders needing an escort could put a contract up for an escort getting from point A to point B at a certain time in the server/date. Or a player putting up a ship contract for crafting a ship to certain specs. Or a player looking for a battlegroup for a specific raid/hunt/etc.

My imagination is limited, but I see some potential in playergenerated content.

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yep , also delivery orders giving xp perhaps. Deliver what the originator of the order wants , gets xp and an amount of gold depending on distance travelled ?


plenty of other similar ideas , along with a bounty system


perhaps a form of job board at capitals where players can take work if they want ? Could be good for new players to feel part of the world early on, rather than AI giving them 50xp missions that don't help other players.

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Would be nice if the sandbox actually gave you some tools, yep. For being a sandbox, the game forces players to really go out of their way to provide what the game lacks. Hell, we don't even have custom chat channels yet.

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