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New patch in progress (Updated 21/2/2015)

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Can I suggest that, when expanding the power bar on the top right corner, casualties inflicted and sustained during the present battle are shown, and the same statistics for the battle as a whole (so you can see which direction it is going in) appear after the end of each battle at the statistics screen?

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What's most important for the AI is to be conscious of situations where it can get enfiladed. The acid test: form a line of Confederate troops facing Seminary Ridge (where the Union should be defending in scenario 1 eventually), from McPherson's Woods down.


Make sure the Union does not sally forth against that line in ones or twos to be enfiladed from McPherson's Woods. If they do attack, make sure it's when they're actually on the offense, and not the defensive, and attack so that they focus on the ends of your line, not the center, and that they do so in requisite force. 

This is the basic offensive model that you should always endeavour to get working.

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Hello all again,


We would like to inform you that the patch progress is near to completion. We are sorry that we delayed it but we assure you it will be worth it. Here is the updated patch notes list:


Melee and Fire: Units will be able to shoot each other while in melee creating a realistic battle havoc.

Night, Dawn and Evening Battles: You will feel the importance of daylight that changes dynamically according to time of day and affects the visibility and accuracy of your units. Especially the speculative night battles of the 2nd day offer a spectacular variance to the epic conflict between the two sides.

Artillery limbering: Battles become much more realistic with this feature. To enable you simply draw a large enough movement arrow and the artillery will auto-limber and deploy to destination.

- New icons indicate in Morale bar if the unit is at melee, is targeted or receives a morale boost.
- New icons indicate not only the kills but also the losses of units (for General units too).
- Global chat added to waiting room of a battle, so that you can ask others to join you.


- Fix of some reinforcements delaying too much to arrive.
- Fix of some multiplayer objectives not being able to be captured easily.
- Fix of very small battle delay for battle "Chance to change history".
- "Chance to change history" map is now simulating the full day 1 of the battle, from the morning when Buford tries to delay the Confederates, till the evening when the Confederates swarm the Union forces.
- +1 New Multiplayer map with name "Night Assault".

- Fix of a crash bug when using Steam chat.

- AI will evaluate strategic positions and cover much more efficiently.
- AI will be able to choose to double quick its units when it is needed, a behaviour that works very well for the human player and can be used to overwhelm the AI. 
- AI will be able to deploy artillery even better, to gain fire superiority from distance or support fire lines.

- AI will use its Generals much more effectively, supporting needed areas of the conflict.

- AI will manually fall back as the human player much more efficiently.

- AI will make defensive line formations facing always the nearest threat as a human player.
- Slight reduce of artillery vulnerability to direct ranged attack (requested in forum).
- Some undesirable too slow soldier movement issues will be resolved.



- Several fixes and improvements for proper continuation of the battle.

- CSA Johnson Division may arrive at the 3rd battle phase of the 1st day.

- Stannard's Brigade may reinforce Cemetery Hill if the 2nd battle phase of the 1st day is much delayed.


- Fix of music volume reseting after a play session.
- Major Fix of AI bug ignoring sometimes the nearby threats and exposing flanks.
- Fix random freeze when exiting MP menu.
- Fix of not going to Battle lobby after the end of a multiplayer match.
- Fix of multiplayer force bars that could show wrong balance of forces.
- Fix of "traitor" bug that could result units to target friendlies.

- Fix of "ghost" bug that made units to target dead enemies.

- Fix of saves sometimes malfunctioning AI and melee collision. 

- Fix of targeting bug that sometimes made units to not fire at a targeted enemy.


We will first offer a beta patch to be tried in our closed forum and after we see that everything is all right, we will make available the coming week.


Have a nice weekend!


The Game-Labs Team

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Where exactly can we try the beta ? Do we need a special authorization to access the "closed forum" ?




ps: great game Darth !

Yes you need to be a Tester to get into the closed Forum.

Testing Beta builds/Patches before they go public, give feed back  etc..


If you would like to be a tester, if there still excepting.

Just send a message to Nick Thomadis, requesting to be a Tester,

that's what I did.

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Hello all,


We are sorry for the large delay of this patch. I want to inform you that everything is ready but we need to fix a freeze bug that occurs in Single Player mode. There was also a multiplayer bug that we fixed today. 


Closed beta testers have helped us to improve the upcoming update and we are going to provide them a new beta to play which hopefully will be clean of this freeze issue.


If all is well, we will release the patch asap.


Thank you for your patience,


The Game-Labs Team

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*UPDATE* 21/2/2015
We are really sorry for the delay of the patch. We would like to inform that it is ready and getting prepared for release. The last cunning bug that plagued the new improved multiplayer has been fixed. This weekend we produce the builds to upload on all platforms.
The updated patch notes will be published together with the release of the patch!
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i hope this patch does away with the game's propensity to make a broken unit run all the way across the map and into oblivion, never to be seen again.  the unit simply runs away from the battlefield.  this would never have happened in reality.  a broken unit might not be effective but it doesn't cease to exist.  this nasty habit needs to be changed.

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Like someone else said; why not simply use the "Beta"-option in the STEAM properties-menu? Why bother with an entirely separate program that only a select few have? I genuinely don't understand your logic.







Will the sound effects from the I-pad version be included? The muskets and battle sounds sounded really good.



And the UI. It still looks very beta and placeholder and generally quite shit. It's genuinely embarrassing to see the much less technologically advanced iPad get a superior game. This shit needs to change, Darth. This really isn't good enough.

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