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Evening Gents,


 I personally have noticed an increase in people wondering how the whole pre-order process works. I also believe there is going to be an influx of people pre-ordering. Due to the fact some  YouTuber's  have been following the game (SideStrafe / Ramjb ) among others. This is an email copy/edit of what you will be getting upon your pre-order being processed by Game-Labs (usually on Friday). Hopefully this clears up some concern's for some.


And my apologiese if this email copy from Game-Labs is an unacceptable post for here. Just trying to help   ;)


I have only added in highlights to make things a little easier. And links to forum, Activate on Steam help.


Your pre-order email will read as follows:


Dear Captain,


First of all thank you all for pre-ordering. This helps us to bring more content to the game and develop it faster. We appreciate your trust.


Your opinion is very important to us and as promised we are planning to invite you to the limited content sea trials. Invitations will start going out by end of this week (usually on Fridays) and will be done in batches. So if you did not receive a letter with a steam key by Wednesday don't worry yet.


Please register on our forums as we will use it for feedback and discussions.



Your Steam Key: *****-*****-*****


For help with " Activate a Product on Steam " follow the link below:



Goal of the Sea Trials are the following:

·         Test performance of servers, systems and infrastructure

·         Test performance of ships: speeds, turning, wind curves

·         Test performance of cannons, carronades and mortars

There is no other content in the limited sea trials. This is an alpha.


Because it is an alpha please:

·         Keep your expectations low

·         Expect bugs, crashes, and disconnects

·         Expect strange behavior of ships and visual glitches

·         Expect fps drops, lag and other problems

If you prefer to play a ready game it is better to wait for the Early Access or later.


List of ships for the trials

Snow and 140 gun first rate are not in the build yet. And will arrive within next 2 weeks.


Other information

·         Short Manual will be provided at a later stage.

·         During first weeks we would like you to check how intuitive our controls are.

·         Feel free to ask questions in the sea trials forums.


Again the final reminder on the DX11 cards: Game requires DX11 to run.

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Hi ddominique.

They don't send you an email until they send you your key. I have seen an admin say that if you preordered before 18pm Kiev time on Friday you should receive it sometime between then and Sunday.

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