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Currently the Economy is mostly Dead.

And worse alot of Ports are entirely meaningless.

Trade barely Exists as well.


We need a Jumpstart and we need a Baseline.


EVERY Port should Consume Goods and EVERY Port should Produce Goods.

Not only Basic Raw Materials but even Items.

This Production and Consumption can be Limited to make sure that Players run the Economy in the Big Picture.

The advanced Production should be listed as Ressources as well.


For Example.

Our Port has Iron Mines, Silver Mines and a Workshop.

So he Produces Iron Ore and Silver Ore

He also Consumes Iron Ore and Silver Ore as well as Coal

Due to which he also Produces Iron Ingots and Silver Ingots



Ports would be bigger or smaller.

A Port that has a Shipyard for example would consume vast amounts if Ship Materials but also Produce a Number of Ships every day.

While another Port would have only ressource deposits and no industry.

Hence not much Consumption but due to this a much higher production of the base Goods it has.


This would get the Game Economy Running again and give people places to fight for as well as establish certain trade routes where players can get a profit

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