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The Suggestion is Simple.

Right now Trade happens almost 100% Local. With no Info on other Ports available.


Now how could we improve that without breaking immersion.

The Answer is by addint Trade Posts and Taverns.


1. Trade Posts

Trade Posts would allow us to Post Buy and Sell Offers not only in the Local Port but in a certain Range of Ports around that Port.

Of course the Tradepost would demand a Share of the Profit for Spreading the Offer around. And even if the Order is visible in other Ports the Goods still need to be bought to the Port where the Order came from.


2. Taverns

Taverns would allow us to get gossip from the Sailors that travel around.

We could see what Surrounding Ports have in their Stores.

It might also be used for Missions and Events later.

And even as a bit of an Player News source for example if a Large Fleet Battle took place this might pop up in the Infos for a Port :)



3. How it works.

There is two choices. Either use regular NPC Trade Routes.

So the other Ports get the News when NPC Ships travel by to update them. Which gives alot of Immersion as Info would spread along trade routes realistically making info more outdated the further away you get and also allows to interdict info.

Or we go with a Simple Timer based on Distance. In which Info Spreads ;) The lazy variant so go say ^^




What will this do?

Most of all it will increase Player Trade.

If I see that someone in Port A wants to buy 1000 Iron for 600 Gold each and that in Port B someone sells 1000 Iron for 400 Gold each. I can Buy it and Ship it thus getting a Reward and get Economy Running.

It also allows Players to find Ships and Stuff without docking in each port.

If I know from the Tavern that 10 minutes ago there was still 60 long barrel Cannons in Port X and I need these I can go there directly instead of randomly searching for a place to get Long Cannons.

This as well greatly promotes Economy :)


Even better.

This could include info like 10 minutes ago an Enemy Fleet was roaming the Area or that someone attacked Traders there etc.

Making it easier to find PvP or avoid it when you want to Transport big stuff ^^


Finally it would greatly add towards making the world feel alife :)

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