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PvP Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth  English Speaking Clan



Short Summary:

Chernomoriya, Black Sea Cossack Host, is founded by the original members of the clan Reichsflotte. We are a friendly group of individuals. We are a flexible clan who encourages others to share their opinion if they so desire. We believe in improving the game for all players and not a select few such as only pvp players, traders, or pve enthusiasts. 


Chernomoriya is focused on the improvement of its members abilities. Not fearful to learn from outside the clan or even the faction. We do not wish to continue this unrelenting focus of the servers past relationships and individual's past deeds pre-wipe. 


Code of Conduct:

Members of Chernomoriya will not steal from another player and honour any clan agreements made.


We do use Discord non-voice chat and use Teamspeak: ts3server://deadecho.pl:9988.



Interested or would like to know more:

Please dont be afraid to hit me up below or privately if you are wanting to join or want to know more about Chernomoriya. In game my username is Davos Seasworth so if you want to private message me or drop me some mail I would not mind either. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

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Recruitment is currently closed. 


We like to keep the clan small and internally friendly. Keeping a nice tight knit group. If someone refers you to us or one of our members refers you to us then we will consider. But until further notice recruiting is closed with non-referral means of membership.

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Re-opening recruitment

Re-opening recruitment. After being able to regroup and set up we are set to begin recruiting again. 

Do not care if you are a casual or serious player. If you are a PvE or PvP player. Only thing we seek is the person has some degree of understanding English and respect the factions politics which with Poland is pretty open compared to many factions and especially what was politics on the former Global. 

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Stepping down from leadership role. Currently @Latron will be leading and handling the transfer of leadership to a system or group everyone agrees on. My decision to step down has nothing to do with anyone except myself. Never wanted to be back in a national seat of power and diplomacy personally along with managing a clan. A few factors came in with the clan internally and I felt exhausted deciding I want to just step down and be a normal grunt again after doing this for close to two-three years as a clan leader. I believe and know Latron will do the right thing and he has my full support.

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