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I know we're allowed to share the closed beta key with friends and are not allowed to post it in a public thread. But would it be fine to make a "call to arms" sort of thread on the NA-Legends subforum which is viewable by everyone, telling them to if they want to participate in the next weekends testing phase, Private Message someone of us testers for the key? I just feel like the game is running pretty smooth already and it could use some sort of "stress test" with more players to actually see how the MatchMaking works under pressure. I also think many players interested in the game are not even aware of its existence.

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On 22.9.2017 at 7:48 PM, admin said:

streaming recording allowed if it does not show bugs

Hmmm thats pretty much the same with the hyperlink issue discussed some time ago.
Previously you had to check your own webpage for any material (pictures, text,...) that would be against law.
That was ok. You can actually do that.
After that you had to do the above and more. You should not link to any page that would contain illegal material.
Heck, how should I know if any of the dozens, maybe hundred sites people write and link to might contain a single image that violates the law?
Answer: You can`t.

The same here.
It is an alpha and supposed to contain bugs.
Best example: My beloved vanishing cannon balls without splash, hit or whatever.

In other words, stream and you wil certainly stream bugs, even unnoticed.
Allowing to stream an alpha only without bugs is pretty much the same as not allowing it imho.
No offense but that is somewhat strange ;)

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