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PVP based Hostillity system

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Hello fellow captains

I have been thinking about this idea for some time now and just decided that I had to write it down and post it.

A few months ago some players and I were discussing the current (end 2016 - beginning 2017) Hostility system and how missions are repetitive and tend to become very boring after a while. We brainstormed for a while and started throwing some ideas around, in the end, we came up with a new system for gaining hostility and how to make it look more like the real live system that was used in the age of sail.

Basically, this new system relies more on blockading of ports and the players defending the ports then the Hostility missions that are used right now. 

it works as follows :

1 - Around every port, a ring is placed that is only visible to enemy captains and appears if the enemy captains sit in front of the enemy port for a certain amount of time (like 1 or 2 min).

2 - when the ring appears and the captains are inside this ring Hostility is generated for the port by doing this the enemy is effectively blockading the port, Hostility is generated slowly.

3 - currently in this situation 1 port is being blockaded and Hostility is generated for that port, to make the Hostility generation go faster the attackers can do 3 thinks,

     - gain maximum hostility around the blockaded port by having 25 players in the ring around the blockaded port this would multiply the hostility generation. 

     - blockade another port in the region, this would give a multiplier to the hostility generation in the region.

     - The attackers also gain a lot of hostility by sinking enemy ships in PVP who will certainly try to stop the hostility generation by attacking the enemy ships.

4 - if a port reaches 100 % hostility this port and this port alone will be open for attack and the current PB mechanic springs in action, war supplies can be used to lower hostility. 


that is the mechanic as proposed, of course, thinks could be added to this idea like the port blockading could take place in an instance and not on the OW and everybody who sails over the ring is dragged in this blockade instance, or the idea that Hostility Mission can still be used but only a certain amount of mission can be taken in a certain amount of time.

now please keep in mind that this hostility mechanic is created for naval action with at least 1000 players on a server or so because we should all hope that the game numbers will go up (devs really gotta throw in more content and stop changing existing mechanics).

thank you for reading, please let me know what you think.

Kind Regards: Rickard   o7



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In "Potbs" there was a mechanic like very similar to this. The problem with that is: The players sail with a group to a port to flip it. Then they are starting ... WAITING! The enemy needs time to organise a counter fleet und sail to that port. That time can be fast but also very long or never. The attackers are bored while waiting 4 the enemies. This is why i prefer the current system. Here you can play a bit until the enemy arrives. Also a smaller defender group could be enough to counter that, coz there are some NPCs inside.

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