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This is a topic for work in progress shots and stories about the game we have been tinkering with for the last 3-4 months These are very very early WIP on the images that are generated for the ship

Hello again, It has been quite long before we updated this thread with more information about our upcoming game. We would like to post two pictures showing our work in progress: "An armoured crui

re: Eternal wip  Captain who we quoted is trying to mislead you Naval action is not delayed and is still in development as we never promised any dates.  If you are in doubt  visit steam page and r

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18 hours ago, Andre Bolkonsky said:

WoWS has many good parts, but also many maddening points. 

In particular, the design that allows mass firing of torpedoes 'just because'

Before the great torp nerf/s of 2016, Shimakaze was most feared destroyer off all time, but players learned how to manage it and her “Torp Walls”, “mass firing”, like if she was spotted every single barrel aimed and tactics like "Crazy Ivan".

This gave WOWS/Shimakaze great “Character”.

Sadly, in my opinion, wargaming and whinging players fail to maintain distinctiveness like that, nerf the crap out-of everything.

Sometimes game “Character” aspects are better than balance, like a torp wall and Shimakaze Fear!

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Nice link and subject very close to my heart.

A total shameless plug but stick with it. If laid down from the very start its much easy with updating plus new games titles its copied and rolled over in a structured way...

The One single event key above anything else that will send Naval Action [NA-OW] into a client explosion is a Persistent out of game link that puts the game in context to drive in game content...

Stage1  the persistent PC History


the deeper Backstory that drives in-game content



Stage2 the persistent Caribbean Boxed Universe History

This is easier to jump to the [ELITE] Guide archives link. Second section ideas. Look for the Four-part idea Old Admiral & the Sea Project. Part3 is the [FCC] Fleet Commanders Companion Idea I suggested.



Overall apples to oranges like for like game compare puts NA-OW in context with size in relation to its Peers I think fairly. It shows a key element missing from this game that is in the others.



Its easy for me to comment from my ivory tower, but if you read through my ideas there is a common theme. This can be replicated into other Game-Labs [GL] Products. This leading to my last link...

Have a think about it and let me know...




Norfolk nChance [God complex]

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On 9/26/2018 at 12:18 AM, BuckleUpBones said:

Found this…




Didn’t know there was a different kind of monitor other than the US civil war monitors, like NA this game is going to cultivate history too.


An interesting point raised by the site is the recycling  of components due to ship redesign as in the use of the 15" 'X' gun turrets and guns of the Battlecruisers HMS Renown and HMS Repulse which were fitted to Monitors saving costs on their build, or, from ships paid off to scrap, or, too battle damaged to be salvaged, like, the main and secondary batteries of KMS Gneisenau which were used as shore gun batteries. 

The ability to keep parts that have been built then not used due to redesign, or, surplus to requirements due to battle damage to the ship, then, used on a later design could be an interesting construction point in the game.

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5 hours ago, Oetjoel said:

Any idea what are the playable nations in the game? besides British Royal Navy and German Kaiserliche Marine of course.

There should be plenty that used their ships in action during the time period: US, Spain, Russia, Japan and more. 

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10 hours ago, Oetjoel said:

I think if the devs want to make a lot of ship varieties from many nations in the base game, they will need more time to make it happen. Maybe they can release it as an DLC/expansion pack later. I'm sure I'll buy it.

Are you lobbying for a base game limited to the Royal Navy and the Kaiserliche Marine? 😉

The prior games didn't go down the DLC route and I hope this one wouldn't either. 

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All comes down to the game campaign map area :)  ( devs can we have a glimpse ? )

IMO...Too few games using the Mediterranean really ( just as a example, the med was to the germans what the atlantic was to the brits, in ww2 ), and at an age with great navies present there is such a good opportunity to take over Italia, Austro-Hungary, Ottomans, Russian Black Sea fleet, etc. 

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12 hours ago, DeRuyter said:

Are you lobbying for a base game limited to the Royal Navy and the Kaiserliche Marine? 😉

The prior games didn't go down the DLC route and I hope this one wouldn't either. 

What I'm saying is if the devs don't have enough time to make all ships they want, they still can release it later as a DLC.

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16 hours ago, Oetjoel said:

What I'm saying is if the devs don't have enough time to make all ships they want, they still can release it later as a DLC.

I understand just a little joking on my part. I hope they are able to launch a complete game without the need for DLC. But yes if it can't be done that way then DLC like expansion for South American navies or something would be welcome. 

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Side question: Do you intend to allow some modding capabilities for Ultimate Admiral?

Especially, allowing for 3D design and texture of the differents parts and components of the ships would be a somewhat simple, and not gameplay-intrusive, but gorgeous addition, as it will allow some modders to play with their imagination.

Ideally, the modding tools would allow to replace or create any nation by a "custom" one this way. This also allow for some "fantasy" looking navys.

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I have question to all warship experts here. Can you tell me what is the name of this object and the purpose of it?

As you can see in these images below, the objects I'm talking about located near gun turrets in front and rear ship. They have different shape, one is just straight line, other is half circular.

What are they? Also, could you please provide me with the real photographs of those objects? Are they present only in some ship, for example exclusively built for British RN?

tbiJPfCZezZ4WVJW_lG5kpFTV7AwfuWcUfwlPrp_ ddSIMFwNW9xa6z_F3td5qGaZteMDRwusYA-W0sdI

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I'm not battleship specialist ^^ But this object exist on many battleships:





It seem to be more often located at the front turret, the more exposed at all the sprays and waves from the sea. I guess this is mostly a protection again theses, as they could freeze exposed in cold weathers winds and so probably impair a bit the turret function.

Also, protection from direct erosion over time. Seas were aggressive environments.

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Like Baggers said. It is a shield to deflect waves washing over the decks and prevent flooding the turrets in heavy seas. There is no perfect watertight seal between the turret and mountings, as those are often on heavy duty bearings. Without those shields the turrets would be prone to flooding/water damage.

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It is indeed a weather stop as has been indicated here. Many ships have them to help protect hydraulics and other interfaces which are prone to significant weather in rough seas; you can also see similar barriers in front of some anchor windlasses and mooring winches.


While it does stop direct water flow from a rough wave, it just as importantly helps direct the water that drains away from the deck.

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