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Best OW PvP clan in games history

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There is a healthy and good willed conversation, full of positive energy in the "Best RvR clan in games history", so why not to ask the same from OW PvP clans?  For equality this time under "European server news".  The same clans may have participated in RvR, but that side of is not evaluated here.  This time size does not matter.

One additional rule, you cannot name nor argue for your own clan.  So it's time to honor your enemies or why not allies.

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Best OW PvP clan(s) (on global) that I had the honor of sailing with would have to be the [OMG] and [PURGE] Clans.

Unfortunately [OMG] doesn't play anymore but [PURGE] still does. Back in the first half of 2016, they consistently fought outnumbered and would always come out on top. Funny enough When these 2 clans fought, [OMG] was Pirate and [PURGE] was French. [OMG] later joined the French nation and then both of them fought back the Pirate horde.

I don't have a lot of pictures back then and I regret not taking a lot of pictures, but it was extremely fun to fight against and with these 2 clans.

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A tough question in my opinion. 

I'd probably "judge" clans based on "Combat Prowess" just like i do with RvR clans. To be clear, Combat Prowess in my opinion is only shown in equal fights (Or Outnumbered).
I can think of a few clans that definitely deserve a nomination. (In no particular order)
- "X" Clan.
- DAS.

They have shown several times that they got the skill to win equal fights as well as outnumbered. 
Other clans have done the same no doubt, but in most clans its just a select few players that have the skill to do so. With the 3 i mention it is the majority of their players, individually as well as combined. And one cannot really judge clans without having fought them or seen them fight on several occasions i think, so to all the other clans that might think themselves worthy of the title, i'm sorry! :D

PS, Thanks  Cmdr, i somehow forgot about PODW. I've had a few encounters with them and i've heard a good amount of stories about them. They deserve a spot on my list as well. 
PS PS, Thanks Liq, its been so long that i forgot to get the RAKERs on my list. They were truly a pain in the early days of OW.

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The few encounters I had with the [RAKER]s were pretty painful. Got taught to stay away from a Trinc who knows what he's doing, hehe. Also [X] are very good folks, so are [EXILE]. And of course [RUBLI] and [PODW].

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On 15/9/2017 at 12:30 PM, Cmdr RideZ said:

@Lord Vicious SORRY has been doing good in RvR sector and maybe also in OW PvP.  Which enemy or ally you would name tho?

You have been speaking lot of good about SORRY, so I am sure that everyone is interested to know your opinion.


At least almost everyone.


also depends what you mean for OW,   SORRY did incredibly well in our first campaign vs brits, with 500 kills and less then 20 losses 300+ captured, many where small fights 3 vs 3 5 vs 5 often outnumbered.         We got incredible videos where  2 trinco 1 conny 1 renomee, defeated a santi a victory a pavel and 2 frig... (video still in sorry recruitment)


IF we talk ppl specialized in small fights only and not look at maths (sorry was doing much ow but as a strategy campaign  not as main gamestyle) , imho   OCEAN  PODW (only for period they where abusing  bellepoules with carronades)  RUBLI.  TDA imho


biggest point i always contested is that that style of play usually made this skilled players engage enemy not even in voice comms from multiple groups, so a much less competitive enviroment then a pb, where the 2 fleets arrive usually with equal numbers, in voice, with commanders etc.

There is some screen of sorry winning with 2500br vs 7k, that tells a lot how being all 1 clan in comms etc vs randoms make difference.  So i find that gameplay very low competitive tbh

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Abusing game mechanisms.  Weak mast policy has been abused long.  I would not be surprised if in Naval Action Legends this will be in a very big role again.  Basically making every other mechanism the game has to offer invalid.

Some clans abused pumps, really many clans abuse masts.  Then we got high rake damage.  I am not personally going to name any clan that has created their name by abusing masts and/or rake damage.

Pumps were so broken at some point that hard to say that had anything to do with skill.

PODW may have abused Belle+Carro, but what I have understood it was not the sole reason why they won.

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I think current masts are fine given you can set up a new pair of masts every 10 minutes. And its not like it used to be anymore, when you could go for the whole mast. Now you actually have to know the pen values / mast thickness and decide if you want to go for top or mid mast sections. Cant really be described as abusing game mechanics anymore I think. A surprise SHOULD lose its topmast section from 1 well placed broadside of a connie.

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Multiple repair kits is a "fix" for masts, but it is a bad fix.  Real fix and balance is not there.

If you have longs and double charged you still have good penetration vs equal ship.  You have even less mast hp now than before?

One very interesting point is that many are saying how difficult it is to shoot masts and rake.  They also say that it is easy to "hull bash".  They keep winning by masts/rakes and not heard them "ever" winning by "hull bashing".  Why they dont just hull bash if that is so easy?

I am not an expert but lets say you both turn your broadsides against each other and fire.  You both take damage.  The question is how to make your broadsides more effective than your enemies?  How to get yourself in positions where you cause effective damage and your enemy does not?  How to lure your enemy to your trap where you cause effective damage and your enemy does not?

Getting right gear and perks to increase your penetration and to know how to snipe masts seems to be easier than understanding wind and position, understanding where you and your enemy are now and in the future.  In a sailing game, imho, later should be the one we call skill, but it seems like people want more straight forward shooting game.  People need "critical" locations to shoot at.

I am not saying they are bad, it is just that PODW proved they can win also by hull bashing when most were only shooting masts/rakes.

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Well I think that a good pvp/clan player knows the ship he is using, the perks he has, and what build is a good one as a hunter also the use of wind and maybe also how to play with partner in crime not to mention the ships he is up against and the possible perks/skills the adversary might have, looking at the Cackling brothers, @Tac and eirene and @Liq:D ;P I know that liq could easily take on more than 2 but it is also partially the skill level of player. 

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