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Perks ...Beating the nearly dead horse...

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Ok I know many don't agree but I am doing this in a separate thread as I think it is still an issue.  Fleet Control I II III...  Why not leave teh Cost for each as is.... No more then 1 of them can be had... BUT  

Fleet Control I adds 1 Ship

Fleet COntrol II adds 2 ships

Fleet COntrol III adds 3 ships..

  This will still allow for getting a couple 1 or 2 point skills to go with the  Fleet .... Just tossing this out there 

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2 hours ago, Anolytic said:

If you want 3 fleet ships that really should cost you most of your perk points.

6 is what it would be. right? That is over 1/2.. hell make it 7  but then you can still have a couple other perks... but it is the same Skill just more control they should be cost not slots... 

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Are the fleet AI really so impressive ? Not in my experience.  So shouldn't cost so much.

I agree 1 point rank 1, 2 point rank 2, 3 point rank 3 would be maximum I would be prepared to pay for 3 fleet perks. I know I would also regularly wince at how much I paid when in battle and shaking my head in despair when my AI act like drunken lubbers.

Make the AI better and allow higher rated ships and less crew restrictions and sure spend all your points on 3 fleet perks.

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