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Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll


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  1. 1. Pick the vessel you'd like to sail most

    • 1. Malicieuse (1758, French 32-gun frigate)
    • 2. Niger-class (1759, British 32-gun frigate)
    • 3. Euridice (1802, Dutch 32-gun frigate)
    • 4. Carolina (1808, Austrian 34-gun frigate)
    • 5. Saint Nicholas (1790, Russian 34-gun frigate)
    • 6. Santa Monica (1777, Spanish 36-gun frigate)
    • 7. Friderichsværn (1784, Danish 36-gun frigate)
    • 8. Venus, Bellona-class (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate)
    • 9. Princesa Real (1819, Portuguese 50-gun frigate)
    • 10. Leopard, Portland-class (1790, British 50-gun 4th rate)
    • 11. Le Jason (1724, French 52-gun 4th rate)
    • 12. Principe da Beira (1774, Portuguese 54-gun 4th rate)
    • 13. Prinses Frederika Louise Wilhelmina (1779, Dutch 54-gun 4th rate)
    • 14. Leeuwenhorst (1742, Dutch 56-gun 4th rate)
    • 15. Delft (1782, Dutch 56-gun 4th rate)
    • 16. Fama-class (1784, Venetian 66-gun 4th rate)
    • 17. Wenden (1706, Danish 70-gun 3rd rate)
    • 18. San Giovanni (1789, Maltese 70-gun 3rd rate)
    • 19. Göta Lejon (1746, Swedish 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 20. Vrijheid-class (1782, Dutch 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 21. Le Monarque, Sceptre-class (1747, French 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 22. Téméraire-class (1782, French 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 23. San Juan Nepomuceno (1766, Spanish 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 24. Montañés-class (1794, Spanish 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 25. Rainha de Portugal (1791, Portuguese 74-gun 3rd rate)
    • 26. Wreker-class (1798, Dutch 80-gun 3rd rate)
    • 27. Foudroyant (1798, British 80-gun 3rd rate)

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May this ship never be in game. I pray to god.

Haha ! Bring it on!  

The ships were proposed in Player selected ship 2017 . Posts with 1 ship filling the requirements (including 50-60-gun lineships) were selected, and a few more were added as moderators requests to com

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We all want ships from our irl nations or favorite ones. And then what ? We sail ships from other nations in game :)

I wish there were at least a new French corvette and one French light frigate implemented some day. But I really enjoy sailing the Russian Mercury or the English Cerberus, for example. And I still would. I favor ship classes over nations. I for one don't care to see ships from my nation that I will never use because they are not the type of ships I like to sail with in NA.

There will certainly never be one ship from each nation for each ship class in NA. But even if there were, I'm sure I will sail some foreign ships because of their armament, sailing model or looks.

I understand the pride thing and the desire to see one's favorite nations in game.

But back in those days, lots of captured ships were sailed by foreign captains. And they were more interested in their ship characteristics than their origin.

I really think the absence of national trees and being able to sail foreign ships are a bonus in NA.

Just my opinion.

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I have to agree. It's more a matter of feeling represented as dane, now that we actually are a playable nation, more than the ship itself :)

Personally I've become quite attached to my Indefatigable and my beloved Rennomee.

But more choices regardless of original/historical nation is always better than trying to represent all nations equally.

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