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Simple suggestion, eliminate wind effect in the open world, or else severely compress it.

What does it do for you?  Two things only:

- Gives your tag a strategic battle setting at outset

- Reduces your speed in the open world from peak speed at best point of sail to something other than that


Why not just keep the Rose the way it is so you can tag people properly for battle instance, but keep the open world ship speed at peak?  The whole point of that is because it's open world ship speed that slows the game down.  The thing that people complain about the most is too much sailing time to accomplish things.  If my ship gets reduced from 24 knots to 8 knots because the wind is against me, then how does that improve the game?  Let the ship's top speed be the ship's top speed and either compress the reduction so that 24 only goes down to say 18 or something like that, or else don't reduce it at all.

If people complain about not being able to catch someone on the open sea then they have books and upgrades to help.

Just my opinion, I think the speed reduction is too much with wind against.

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I think wind should remain an important strategical factor, also for open world. Sailing ships are supposed to have their positives / negatives depending on their type.

With no OW wind you wont be able to push your enemy into a situation where he cannot escape anymore, e.g. try to get downwind of him in OW and by doing so cut off his escape


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36 minutes ago, Jean Ribault said:

You would surround or capture him with your group.  And tag to your advantage.

The slow down of the OW is a much bigger drawback.

And some ships are faster than others.

On some points of sail which is exactly the point.

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