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Is my Surprise Klingon Warbird the fastest Boat In Naval Action...?

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unfortunately I also at first said this. However its not lagged spikes, because I just cross a lot of water in an Aggie doing 40knts against in 20 mins that's easily an hours journey. Or does the game "SKIP" the lag so I actually get the speed effect? Now I'm ok my [XO] had the same issues y'day and Mixy currently has it now. 

It starts with the sails going up and down without instruction. When a team mate is watching I suddenly disappear then after a time reappear way down the track. I observer the team mate constantly growing smaller in size.



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176?  Dang, I thought hitting 56 knots was pretty epic.  :(  Same thing happened to me earlier in the week for 3 days straight.  I wasn't gonna say nuthin on the forum about my secret turbocharger!  :D 


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