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Leaked Blueprint for the Wasa

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Coming to a shipyard near you soon! 

The Wasa,

by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman.


Look no further. Here is the leaked crafting receipt for the new Wasa. A ship that is coming to the game with Unity 5 and which can already be taken for a spin on the testbed server:


(click and expand to fullscreen to see full size image)

This announcement is sponsored by:



To learn about how you can already test out this beautiful new ship devs are giving us - if you haven't already -, follow this link:


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49 minutes ago, Fluffy Fishy said:


A couple of years ago archeologists found intact pieces of the infamous "insexnyckel modell större" in the woods near the shipyards where the Wasa was built. History says that to wield one of those efficiently required a strict diet of crisp-bread and milk.


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1 hour ago, qw569 said:

My scientists and spies inform me that is Chronprins Gustav Adolph.




Are these your spies?:


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55 minutes ago, seanjo said:

This is the ship that sank on its maiden voyage?

No. That's the Vasa (though also often spelled Wasa). Vasa was about 100 years earlier and very different design. This is the Improved Wasa class, by Chapman.

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