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Forthcoming patch final discussion.

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On 7.9.2017 at 1:30 PM, fox2run said:

and open battles to join. 

You know, you have my support with the fight for more PVP.

But "open battles to join" does as much harm as good. Sure, there would be some more PVP, but it drags glorious PVP down to a mouthbreather level. 

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On ‎8‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 5:20 PM, admin said:

Hello Captains

This is a result of this long discussion

We would like to present the final review of the coming features in general (some of which are partially on testbed). 

  • Economy tuning
    • Number of trips required for crafting will be drastically reduced
    • Ship prices will be adapted to better suit older costs that included durabilities
    • Combat marks permits and skill book prices will be adapted but some ships will remain rare and expensive
    • Trading resources placement will be improved and demand and supply volumes adapted for new system
  • Hostility and map rework
    • All ports will be split into capturable and non-capturable - the amount of ports will represent gameplay difficulty on these original difficulty levels
      • Spain easy
      • Britain easy
      • USA easy
      • France medium
      • Netherlands medium
      • Pirates hard 
      • Denmark hard (only 3 uncapturable ports)
      • Sweden very very very hard (only 1 uncapturable port)
    • Conquest will remain national - but will be ran by clans
      • Clans gain hostility for the nation
      • But rights to entry to port battle is decided only by clan who has highest hostility points for that port (only that clan and his allied clans will be able to enter) 
    • War supplies will be abandoned
    • Regions will be split into individual towns. Nations will conquer individual cities. 
      • Because regions will be removed from hostility (but will remain for historical purposes)
      • Hostility will now be raised using hostility missions or pvp or pvp in missions, (that will come back)
        • Missions will only spawn in a certain radius near the town
        • These missions will be open for all 1.5 hours so both defenders and attackers can react and come to the rescue
      • We can set mission distance from the port so nations expand their territory gradually (not jumping directly into the backyards of their enemies). 
    • All capturable ports will be set as neutral during map reset (we could set them as historical national, but we wanted to give players an option to move resources out if they happened to move there). 
    • Neutral towns will have NPC defenses in port battle if they are attacked
    • Because we will no longer need hostility related bots all OW bots can set into traders and occasional combat privateers who will attack players and enter battles from time to time (as before)
    • We will remove rarer ships from missions and will add them to Open world fleets to encourage hunting. 
  • Clan/Guild partial alliances
    • Clan can allow entry to port battles to other clan by setting a friendly status in the clan management interface. 
    • Only clans set as friendly to the port battle creator will be able to enter port battles. 
  • New taxation feature
    • Nations will tax all transactions that are using money done through (Stamp tax)
      • Private Trade
      • Contracts (they are already taxed)
      • Public trade using the stores
      • Ship transactions
    • Barter transactions will not be taxed
    • Crafting and resource gathering will not be taxed
  • New town management features
    • Clans will be able to set taxes in the city they control but not higher than the government level
    • Clans will be able to set lower taxes up to 0
    • Tax will be paid to clan if clan controls the port (directly to clan warehouse)
    • Clans will be able to set controllable city neutral or national
    • Clans will be able purchase trading outpost in the city increasing the volume of trading resources sold or bought in the town
      • under consideration - clans will be able to set reinforcement level for their city
      • under consideration - clans will be able to set the time they can be attacked on (like the old lord protector role) but this will cost money this time.
    • Clans will have to pay maintenance for cities they control
      • Maintenance will automatically be paid 
      • Maintenance will be calculated based on the city tax level but will not be lower than X (for example 500k per day)
      • If maintenance is not paid the city will turn back to neutral
    • If clan does not wish to control that city anymore 
  • No country for old men  Reinforcements and new players protection program
    • All free towns will turn into neutral towns with the exception of 
      • El Rancho
      • Tumbado
      • Shroud Cay
      • La Tortue
      • La Mona
      • Aves
      • Dariena
      • Guayaguayare
      • Neutral towns will allow pirate entry
      • Neutral towns will allow normal teleports and building construction
      • This means if nation A does not like free town there - they can capture it and turn into a national city
      • And vice versa. If another clan does want a free town there - they can capture it and turn back to a neutral town (new freetown)
    • All uncapturable major regions will provide protection to players of their nation (minor regions and all other towns will not provide this protection)
      • If the player is attacked in that region he will be able to call to heavy reinforcements that will spawn within 500m of the player with the only goal - get his enemies to the bottom of the sea. 
      • Reinforcement fleets will be sufficiently buffed to both defend a player and not let the enemy escape.
      • Skilled captains will of course be able to sink the person who they attack (if they bring good numbers) but they will sink too giving some closure to the defender if he sank.

In general this is the gist.


Discuss and ask questions



what about PVE im A pirate and I have my ship yard in a free town  La mona  it would take days to move every thing my stuff is all over the map come on guys


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1 minute ago, Captain corn blower said:

so guy have been off the forum for some time just herd about map change . I am a pirate in PVE I have my SHIP yard in La Mons am I going to lose it ,or have access to it ?

it stays a freetown so just get in there and use your stuff

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12 minutes ago, Captain corn blower said:

will try to move stuff ,but it says that La mona will stay free then if that is so my ship yard and warehouse full of stuff should be ok ?


yes. nothing changed for you.

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