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Book trade

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As you may know, large part of NA is being a good librarian and finding good books. I thought a thread where we could post which books we want to trade for could be useful.

- say which book you have, and for what books you're willing to trade. Name server you're on
- don't write only which books you want to have, always write what you offer in exchange
- no money offers
- if you want to reply to an offer, do so in a private message
- once you trade, edit your trade post to cross out the book you're no longer trading

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Server: PVP1

I have:
- book of five rings blueprint
- book of the void
- the old flag officer

Willing to trade for:
- water book
- earth book
- art of proper cargo distribution

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Why can't we have a global server market with all listings similar to Potbs? That would take care of this problem. Sad to see people trading on Forums. lame.

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