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Testbed - Unity 5 testing next week (15-21 Aug)

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Captains Next week testbed will be opened for testing for several days (from 16th August till 21th August) Goals Test stability and issues with Unity 5 build Test 1 or potentially

Will defo give this a go...but it would be really helpful in the future (of this or legends or whatever) to allow us to create the 'testbed' as a separate entry in steam (like lots of my other games d

testing will be open for all who own NA - if you already participated in testing the testbed in spring you already have the access to those servers unlocked (but they are switched off now)

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2 minutes ago, Peter Goldman said:

If you want us to test this well:

- Money / Rank EXP / Craft EXP

- All types of cannons (instead of putting them to redeemables, maybe it's easier to put all kind of longs and carronades for sell in Mortimer Town). Testing ships without cannons would be fun ;)

- Lots of Hull / Rig Repairs and Rum

- I hope you will give us more than just 1 copy of ship for testing, losing them will be very easy and then testing will be over :P You can potentially put them for sell in Mortimer Town to make everything easier too.

- All avalaible Skill Books + Permanent Upgrades (we are supposed to test if everything works, right?)

- Unlock all knowledge slots on ships for testing skill books?

100 million gold is already there as redeem.  there will be XP also ....not sure knowledge will be unlocked initially unless its for testing some actual numbers on them since it will llikely skew baseline feels.


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4 minutes ago, Kanay said:

Is it possible to get a key please ? might be more interesting there than on current game that i barely touched last days. Thanks.

All who bought game will get key - devs will post info.

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This is where i looked after Bart Smith reply as usually alpha's/beta's in steam are listed there, but saw nothing available for me, simply thinking it was due to the delay announced in the initial post so not worried about not seeing any test available.

Now the question is : is this key private and nominative or the same for all testers ,  if it is not private then is it safe to post it here ( or to use it myself without having received it ) , if it's private and nominative can i get one ? 

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