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Wrong Speed Data?

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maybe its a mistake by myself but i cannot understand the stats.

when im not in my surprise she is 12.39 kn fast 20170804185108_1.thumb.jpg.37d7481f29a5fb670428cd0e00ac3957.jpg

and when she is mounted the speed is 11.49kn.


with the cerb its the same.


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It looks like when you dont have your ship active the stuff in hold isnt calculated.

Indiaman loaded: 11.6kn base speed (not active = pic 1)

Indiaman loaded: 9.88 kn base speed ( active = pic 2)

Indiaman empty 11.6kn base speed (not active  + active) no difference

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7 hours ago, Ink said:

At the moment if you are checking the ship that you are not in, it does not take into account hold weight

Actually it does, if you are in another ship it counts that hold weight against the ship you scroll over.  So you want the accurate speed for that ship you need to be in that ship when you look at it.

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