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Preliminary discussion of the changes to conquest - clan wars are coming

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58 minutes ago, Celtiberofrog said:

then it would be great to assignate different maxi BR's for each ports,

I think it's a good idea but we need a much more robust PB entry mechanic.

Like we can join from any friendly port, but there's a system where we can queue up in a ship and if we see BR is too high, we can switch to a different ship.

(Clan battles won't solve this, I think, because realistically most war companies are going to necessarily be PUGs, not strictly coordinated entities.)

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Hello Captains. We would like to share some information on the potential changes to conquest.  Current Problems New player experience is uneven and heavily depends on the nation you join.

current system does not work. If player joins spain on PVP Global he leaves like in 1-2 days. Because he sees that he can never win. Basic game design rule - if perceived chance to win the game is 0 t

another statement on the wipe There will be no wipe. only map reset. In fact there might be no wipes any more even on release. But its not a promise. 

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On ‎8‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 6:12 PM, Prater said:

The world is not too large.  We played just fine with 50 people, same world, slower speeds.  We didn't have a map then and we had less knowledge of the world.  Granted, the English were at St John's and English Harbor, the Dutch at Oranjestad, and I think the Spanish at Santo Domingo (or was it Havana?).  The Pirates were still at Mort.  We didn't even have port battles.  The only content we had was pve and pvp.  Since the world wasn't mapped and the secret island was still a secret, we had exploration and mapping as well.  But even though all the capitals were relatively close, clan locations frequently changed, and that changed were the wars took place.  A lot of fighting took place around Jamaica (British Capital was at Antigua remember) and Road Town.  Some fighting took place in the Yucatan and Venezuela when SLRN would move locations.

Taking nations out

If we take nations out, what is to insure that the nations are balanced?  Nothing.  We might end up with the same unbalanced state.  We originally started with British, French, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Pirates, can't remember about Denmark, US was added later.  But, maybe taking nations out is the way to go, but see below.  

I can agree to a system that essentially forces the playerbase into 3 or 4 nations but keep all of the current nations (and maybe allow others to be added) by making two types of nations:  npc and port battle nations (kind of like Eve has npc corps and player corps).  

The system I dream of is like this:

  • There are npc nations whose ports are unconquerable and which don't take part in Port Battles.  Players can join these nations and take part in pvp but not port battles.  
  • This will force players to join port battle nations if they want port battles and funnel the playerbase into a few nations.  Npc nations will still require resources from port battle areas.  They will need to keep their relations good with port battle nations so they can enter their ports and build outposts there (and do econ, for a tax of course) or buy from their market (higher taxed though, this is where smuggling comes in, getting around paying the tax).
  • 3 or 4 nations will vie for control of the map.  
  • PB nations would be Britain, France, Spain, and pirates (not a nation though).  
  • Non pb nations would be Sweden, Denmark, US, and Dutch.  
  • Pirates can't build above 5th rates, so their ports will mainly be shallow ports.  
  • Pirates don't conquer ports in the same way as normal nations, but force the port into a lawless state to take it over (pvp, smuggling, raiding).  
  • Raiding is an attack on the port's fort.  The port won't change to a lawless state until the fort is defeated.
  •  Nationals can attack pirate ports like normal and a normal pb will take place to take it back.  But pirates can't build 1-4th rates, so should have a hard time holding deep water ports.
  • Trading 1-4th rates to a pirate is a crime that makes that player a pirate.  
  • Each player has a reputation with each nation that allows the player to join that nation if their relation gets high enough. 
  • You can enter all ports unless you have negative relations with the port nation or your nation is at war with the nation of that port.  
  • In another nation's port you can do missions for its admiralty to raise your relations with that nation.  
  • Attacking players of another nation causes a severe decrease in relation to that nation, enough of a decrease to mean you can't enter that nation's ports anymore.
  • Attacking ai of a nation causes a minor relation penalty
  • Attacking anyone with a smuggler flag does not decrease relation with the smuggler's nation.  They are essentially temporarily an outlaw/pirate.
  • pirates have negative relations with every nation
  • pirates don't start off pirate.
  • smuggler flag still allows you to enter any port as long as you are in a trader.

So, the non pb nations are still in the game and you can sail under that flag, just not take part in port battles.  I think most people will join the pb nations.

Just wanted to bump this outline. Lots of good ideas IMO.

@admin The national reputation system may work well with the new clan wars type RvR system you have proposed.

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@admin Will there be a point in keeping nations? - will the war companies not remove the necessity for national factions? And if we remove the point in nations - why then not remake the map entirely? The current one is hardly suited for gameplay and if we disregard any pretense of historical accuracy then let's have a map that is buildt for gameplay.

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