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Screening battle outside Hat Island. Commander @mexicanbatman It was a hard battle, fighting ortography, getting Chinese not to write in chinese, the Germans to understand what letter comes

What a nice guy  

The Battle of Bonacca.

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3 minutes ago, Shocktrooper Basteyy said:

I would like to fight the French in an even battle like 20 vs 20 1st rates and this is not great. It just Shows that you are proud of you because of Fighting an uneven fight. But anyway Fair winds and good battles! o7

What are you talking about?

You were LIONS dude, the same kind of player as the daytime french.

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2 minutes ago, Knobby said:

No counter to my statement no other 5th rate fleet could have done that? Or maybe even you are having trouble explaining this? Maybe the herc is massively OP?

Indifatigable is 5 rate if I remember right,( ore is it a 4 rate) Think it could do it. Do think with the same skilled captains 5 Indy should be able to best 5 Herc. But I could be wrong.

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12 hours ago, JG14_Cuzn said:




I think this is entirely on the Spanish failing to work together. They could have taken the brits easily in this battle if they had prioritized their enemy. There is almost no excuse for this. They played poorly and I feel like 5 trincs/surps could have don't the same thing. 

I'm guessing the 2 1st rates and the Agga tagged an american fleet in a reinforcement zone, brits jumped in, so they had more spanish come to reinforce. This would give the brits an advantage against the scattered Spanish fleet. Focus them down one at a time and it's done. This battle essentially should have been 9 v 5 in which case they would/should have rolled the brits. Spanish need to step their game up. 

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7 hours ago, z4ys said:

Little Harbour PB - 29.08.2018 - US joined late


The US was atrocious. Why did they perform a Silfarion maneuver and join at long distance when no one was screening them??

They also had a ship advantage due to friendly screens killing a prussian pb player.

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22 hours ago, z4ys said:

Little Harbour PB - 29.08.2018 - US joined late


I still need to watch that video to see what was up.  Heard defenders where at 500 points before they even made it to a circle.  Not sure who called it as That on week days is the middle of my sleeping hours.

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7 hours ago, King of Crowns said:

they were heavily outgunned in that fight. anyone with a brain can see that. one guy had 2 fleet ships...……………. 

Then why tag and engage us in the first place? Fleet ships was french that joined the fight after swedes tagged.

Truth is they were cocky and thought the could win with less number and started running when they started taking alot og damage.

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