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Screening battle outside Hat Island. Commander @mexicanbatman It was a hard battle, fighting ortography, getting Chinese not to write in chinese, the Germans to understand what letter comes

What a nice guy  

The Battle of Bonacca.

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14 hours ago, Aster said:

Was a bit busy outside the battle. #Creating Content


My math may not be that good but I don't think you were ever getting those x7 Oceans, x2 Bellona, x2 Wasa and no mortar brig into that teeny tiny port battle. Well played indeed. <salute>  It seems you got the yanks right where you wanted them all along.

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On 5/25/2018 at 9:57 AM, Potemkin said:

Anyone have a screen/video from GT pb yesterday?


We lost 1 Mortar and the brits 2 prince.  

The brits had  900 points 🤣

The British hunted our mortar brigs with 1st rates. we took then all 3 circles and won 

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Monataca PB, Russian empire lose win.  Unfortunately the video is broken and does not have some parts As well as the audio track (I hope the new audio track will not be blocked, and I hope there is no hard rock). 

P.S. After video end - Mortal Brig captured last circle, destroyed fort and tower, and win it.

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2 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

It's really sad the thickness meta is so real still. After all the thickness nerfs and penetration buffs, Silfarion on Santi wasn't able to penetrate ironclad Bellonas, not mentioning Oceans. Bouncing shots at 20-30% structure from 200 meters at slight angles. There is too much stacking in this game, stacking thickness, stacking speed, stacking repair, you can stack everything to extremes.

Fight was good on both sides, we won the battle, Russians won the port, seems like both sides are happy they achieved what they wanted. Win-win situation, no losers here.

we dont use live oak Bellonas last fight ^^ Only Live oak Rates.

not that would be happy but I expected less from people without PB/PVP experience. That was fun : )

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I did a lot of tanking in my indefatigable which was a teak wo with carta, so I would just point at their fleet and bounce. The bucentaure went down pretty fast when we saw he was soft. It seemed like when one of the larger ships went down they would sorta freak out and sit at distance for a bit giving us a chance to pull out and repair.

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Interesting to have some specific battles being discussed ( without NN crap ). Maybe threads can be created for specific ones for discussion. I remember Redii and Jeheil had this idea for video, but guess text can be as good.

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22 minutes ago, Louis Garneray said:

The story is a little different.

Amiral Lou and Orient got attacked in the British green zone.

The battle was underway when they called for help I think they were at 5v2. So we came. And between the time of the call and when we arrived some more Brits entered the battle (they were 7 when we entered). Orient died by the time we were able to get close in the fight. So we were 7 vs 4 with Amiral Lou's Bellona in bad shape. And then after that 6 more came.

I think the main difference between their group and our was the discipline of command (Aster was commanding) and we tried to focus our fire as much as possible.

It kind of sound easy just by saying it but we had a few close call.

But I take it you all came together to the green zone looking for a fight? Its not as if you mobilized at short notice from the nearest French port when they called for help.

You are correct in the discipline of command, in many of the fights I experienced in the green zone as coastguard too many of the defenders rely on sheer weight of numbers and once one of the attackers gets badly wounded and is unable to escape they all descend like a pack of dogs to get their shots in to get the assist and in the process ignore the other enemy, crash into each other and hand out friendly fire liberally all for the possibility of getting maybe 1 pvp mark.

When a good group gathers for the coastguard the result is usually that the attackers run or get totally wrecked. But even in the case where they get wrecked it would not be worth posting a screenshot as a good battle as it would show something like 20 vs 4 which would be nothing to boast about.

But its good to hear the story from your side.

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So same old, nothing new, same few people beating up the same group of players who they know they can win against all the time.

as Raxius said: Why fight the challenge when I can fight the food.

Predictable outcome.

guess we should all join prussia and france.

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While the dutch flipped Santo Domingo with 15+ people the french obviously decided to honour their alliance and try a proper double flip via Puerto de Espana. In a first battle we tagged one Ocean, another joined and surrendered after slowing us down. Jumping out of the battle we saw this fleet outside. One was seperated a little downwindish of us, and we initiated the battle. As it started we all were a little seperated but came together quickly - same goes for the escalation level - #instabrawl 

Imo we did okayish in protecting our weak and kept a good focus fire. Med 42pds for the win Donner ;)

Thx for the fight french (and the 81 marks, new personal record), appreceate you guys fought it to the end o7


Edit: I'm proud of the lads, especially Sc00se, who did well for an unexperienced player. Santis in Teak/Wo are miles away from a Lo/Wo L'Ocean, therefore @admin#makesantigreatagain

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51 minutes ago, Aster said:

Glorious US Victory




Well Lionshaft was leading that battle after all....we did tell them that they want tobring L'ocean, "NO we have fully kitted out Victs."  I than just said go for it, "It's like the new Bucc's that they use to bring instead of 1st rates. Though they learned and are planing to start finishing up the l'oceans they have.  They really had a chance on a few of ya'll by both the streams I was watcihng (Lions and Markus cause I had nothing better to doin the port battle).   They got way to spread out and let a lot of them fall back and get picked off.  Hopefull they take it as a learning event and do better next time.  Remember a few months abck that would of been all red on the US side, they are improving just very slowly.

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