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Screening battle outside Hat Island. Commander @mexicanbatman It was a hard battle, fighting ortography, getting Chinese not to write in chinese, the Germans to understand what letter comes

What a nice guy  

The Battle of Bonacca.

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1 hour ago, King of Crowns said:

/snip   just when you thought the world had gotten a little better. 

Ironic, most of the forum could say the same about your petty little posts.  Now why don't you two just bang each other already and get it out of your systems.


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On ‎5‎/‎1‎/‎2020 at 8:26 PM, Comrade FrosT said:

Spain: fails to count the BR
KoC: "Who are you?"
Spain: "I'm you but stronger"

Governor's Harbour, 1st May


No matter who fought this battle, but I wonder what type of ...improvement after 4 years of NA developpment when seeing that kind of spam shallow battle setting.

Dev's, was your project initially including these fancy battles ? could there be a light layer of coding to allow more historical realism in PB's ?

Like each port/PB having a maxi number of ships per classes and per types.

Today a full spam first rates PB is fun but it allows also spam setting of other ships like above.


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