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I'm looking to create a very simple results thread.

Information required:

Date of port battle:

Nations who screened:

Who won:

Very basic overview:

Optional information: (ships used. Clans active. Losses of ship etc)

Trolling or spam will be removed.

This information is only for recording the events of our server. Where this information is going will be shown at a later date. (work in progress) aye Norfolk! 

Thanks for your help. 

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Screening battle outside Hat Island. Commander @mexicanbatman It was a hard battle, fighting ortography, getting Chinese not to write in chinese, the Germans to understand what letter comes

What a nice guy  

The Battle of Bonacca.

Posted Images

Cap Francis 


Pirates v Danes

Danish victory

Two clans (pirate) v Danes with sweeds screening.

Ships lost: information missing

Clans : 

Brief overview: win was against pirates, looses low on both sides.


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Pirates v usa (defenders)

Pirate victory

Pirates screening: low loses for both nations from screening.

Defender: 25 man fleet (loosing 7-8 ships, + sinking the pirate mortor brig)

Overview: wind seemed to play a large part.

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11 minutes ago, rediii said:

Is there a video of the pb?

Pirates started with bad wind at right most circle, with couple dedicated ships starting at left circle to harrass/cap left. USA approached pirate main fleet on right circle with the wind in single line which Pirates cut after 1/3 of USA ships passed @45 degrees. After that semi-brawl semi cat&mouse at the right circle for the rest of the battle with capzone switching hands all the time. The left circle pirate detachment of 3-4 ships (moscalb, dron and if I remember right 2 5th rates managed to cap and sink one or 2 US. Last 15-20 mins was chase and sink/cap as many US as possible as majority of their ships were badly damaged compared to only 2-3 pirate ships in bad condition.

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I recorded the battle from the US side and for the portion of the battle that I was in, things went more or less as Aphilas (good fight BTW) described. AS you can see in the video the battle started to drift beyond the capture circle and the wind made getting back into the circle difficult, the pirates were better able to keep control of the point. 


Video link: 


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1 hour ago, rediii said:

What happened in Cartagena yesterday?

Any videos/screenshots of the battle?

Not sure what dutch mission was but our screen either feared them or thier fleet was like 4th rates only

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Santa Mara port battle august 14th 24:00



and the combat news afterwards:


After this screen was taken another 8 ships were sunk near santa marta, resulting (afaik) in the total loss of the entire british PB fleet.

Our gratitude to the french for providing a screen.

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Very nice battle , excellent cross nation support from the French, wp all.

14 minutes ago, Jœrnson said:


And I'm glad to see my lent Aga survived :lol: @Tac

Well done @all


Yes sir ,she be a fine ship!!!!

Battle vid from the Dutch to follow.

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