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[PvP-EU] French Correspondances 2

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We have been worried about the letter for Yann that never arrive to his love Claire.
Immagine in what terrible mood she have been! Anyway, it seems our glory captain get news for his fiancee. At leat correspondannces are not totaly broken
Here is the answer on this letter we don't have the chance to read in french and English.
For thoses who don't know, "Correspondance" are letter for french people that are part on this life in France and around the World. Episode 1 was the First letter from Yann, a french captain, to his love Claire, that stay on Brest. You can find it There

Thanks you for Anolytic and Martin de Crow for the work on the images, thanks you on EdR for translation and corrections






For the english part i have to write there on the forum the google translation that is more in the spirit on what is the love letter. The paper version is more like a newspaper than a love letter. Sorry for that i should have looked on the translation before "printing it"^^ People learn form mistake.


My beloved,
I received your letter this morning, which I confess to have sullied. Here it is a stifling heat and the ship drips with tar. Dirt fell from the mats and sails and despite the effort of the crew, I got stained while I put my hands on the rail.

I was very sorry to have learned the terror in which you have been plunged by the absence of my news. Who knows between what hands have fallen my thoughts? Thoses however, are sure of you all destined even if I happen from time to time to pester against the fate ...
Ah poor Francois.
How I would like to hold you in my arms and welcome your charming little face against my shoulder so as to be wet with your sobs ... It was a man like the war took too much of us and I will keep from him The image of that mischievous being who never let himself be defeated. We need so many men like him here, but those too have been torn from us ...

After the infamous capture of Port au Prince, the Swedes pushed their advantage and conquered Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre taking advantage of the break-up of our forces and our small number.

Finally magnanimous, they offered us an exchange of good process to allow to calm the situation. The French would carry the garrisons of Point-à-Pitre and the Swedes those of Roseau thus ensuring to each port a better skilled garrison and therefore a more flourishing trade. You know very well who in the last resort would profit by it, and the lords of the two cities were already preparing their best horses for the show.
Some also wondered who had changed these wicked people into diplomats who were so wise and conciliatory, but as the rest showed us, they were carriing mask to hide their hypocrisy.

If this exchange were to prove profitable, no individual at Fort Royal appreciated the lead of negotiations. The Swedes to inform us of their "kind" proposal had indeed wet their mortar brig off Fort Royal, escorted by a fleet so powerful and numerous that it is said that the Governor of Gustavia could have come walking from his island to our palace.
The pamphlets flourish and pieces are played in the streets! The people laugh at these sailors imbued with their superb and our governor.
Poor governor... He was in a desperate position, and the captains of his staff did not have the air of mockery which is known to them.
The rumors say that not once in the course of the negotiation a threat was made but that on several occasions the Swedish diplomat glanced sometimes at his drunken sailors whom he no longer controls and sometimes on his formidable armada.

Be that as it may, the treaty was accepted on both sides. Great land for the Dominica, St John's for the return of Basse-Terre in our lap and why not a training for the garrison of Oranjestad?

Thus, in spite of the piracy we are accustomed to in these waters, things were going well and we were rebuilding even if some people wept for their lost possessions.

It was without counting on the deceit and the felony of the Swedes.

While the Point-à-Pitre and Roseau garrisons were being trained, the French fleet was operating the forts of Saint John's when we were told to leave the Swedish waters.

A few days later, Sweden dropped the mask. Though conscious of the advantage given to Roseau by her trained garrison, she sent all her forces to crush the city, so that we find ourselves, by pure dispossessed betrayal, of the reward of our efforts, while the lords of the enemy profit from the opulence of Great -Terre and now of the riches of our city.

This action must, however, be a date.

Remembering men, and you know that I have been in these waters since their first troubles nearly four years ago, never had a nation soiled its image.
To claim from a weak nation aid while it is constantly ransomed from its ports and its men to finally a once obtained advantage revived on its word and attack it without striking a blow ... No one thought that quincunxes Part may be some pirates might fall so low but truce of self-pity, as I see your eye blurring from anxiety to my place.

Claire, I'm going home.

The governor of Fort Royal has been instructed to evacuate our forces in anticipation of future storms. My last campaign carried out, I will sail all the way to our wild side where I know it every day will watch for my return.
Keep this information ready from your heart that some do not take advantage of our absence to set our colonies on fire. This secret that I share you exploit it with discretion and intelligence as usual.
Exotic foods will soon be scarce. Farewell coal, silver ingots and precious wood. Make provisions as long as you can that our families finally get along and that these few days of return finally allow us to unite.

See you soon my love,

Yann du finistière








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