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Base Conquest Mark Reward on Contention You Generated

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tl;dr: The major deciding factor on your reward for winning a port battle is based on how much contention you generated in the process of flipping it.

Everyone loves Conquest Marks.

Getting everyone to participate in the contention grind is the hard part.

What if your reward (currently Conquest Marks) was based on the effort you personally put into the flip?

Attended winning port battle: 1 mark.
Every 250 contention points you personally generated within 24 hours of the port battle: +1 mark.

So do-nothings who show up can still collect a reward but they will never get more than 1 mark per day. Ideally I'd give them less than this, like 1 mark every 2 days.

People who actually did the work to create the flip get the real payout. Maybe they get this even if they didn't attend the battle. You put 1000 points on the port but couldn't make the battle? If your team wins you still get 4 marks per day. (Prices can go up to reflect the greater average income most people will be getting.)

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Port Battles - a fight in three phases.

Under the current system conquest marks only benefit the few who are able to access the port battle.

Knowing that we as a community have two choices. Get rid of a biased and flawed rewards system or come up with one that benefits all those involved in the various stages that bring a battle about.

1. The actual grinding of offensive points (and defensive) to bring about the battle.

2. The screening fleet

3. The Actual port battle itself.

In the first phase (1.) everybody who helps gain hostility points has those points already tracked therefore it should not be out of the question to reward those who both gained hostility and those who tried to bring it down. If the offensive side wins then those players that contribute 'X' amount pf hostility get the benefit of some conquest marks. If the defending team wins then they get the benefit of some conquest marks (call them Defensive CM's).

In phase two of the battle screening ships from both sides are active and also contribute to the outcome of the battle both offensively and defensively. Knowing that every vessel is tracked in game and your location and distance to a given port is available then any vessel within say 30/50km of the port battle could be considered part of the offensive or defensive screen - these players should also be rewarded with conquest marks if they are on the winning side.

Phase three is of course the actual Port Battle and seeing how at this stage (and it's unlikely to change) those chosen few get to fight and get all the Conquest Marks I suppose (grudgingly) they should get some Conquest Marks as well if they win.

I know some groups offered to reward those in the screening fleet with Conquest Marks for getting them to the battle but It failed dismally for me when I was told that I would have to pay 'X' amount of Combat Marks for each Conquest Mark. I figured that just meant I had to pay for the privilege of not only raising hostility but escorting/screening the heavies that would be fighting and furthermore pay them with my hard earned Combat Marks which of course they then get to spend (ergo the rich getting richer model).

Sorry this Conquest Mark system, for me, is clearly broken.

I realise that the idea was to limit the heavies being produced but it clearly has not and will not do so. So once again ditch them or fix them so that all involved in getting a Port Battle to occur get rewarded - you want to encourage more PvP well this system will help both with the offensive and defensive players. Those who want Conquest Marks will have to operate in the area being contested.

Just my thoughts

Regards Shot.


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