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Chest of flags- ingame solutions to broken tagging!

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We are all very much aware that roe is broken, revenge ganking etc.

Could we not introduce into the admiralty store/pirate den a "chest of flags".

The chest of flags is basically a chest of different nations flags, enabling players that are grouped up to display any nations flag to interrupt any attempt at tagging or being pulled into combat via an AI tag.

Each "chest of flags" is a single use item that are stackable. Works on the same idea as hull/rig repairs.

Item weight to be astablished at a later point.

The chest of flags is designed to give the chance for the captain to interrupt a player made tag. In the simplest use of this item, when the tag is counting down each player of a party must right click on there "chest of flags" to interrupt the tag. All members of a party must each use the "chest of flags" to interrupt the tag otherwise they are pulled into battle like normal.

Once a chest of flags is enabled the user is protected from being attackable for 90 seconds! (again only works against lesser br attackers or AI tags)

"Chest of flags" only works in groups say min 5 people. 

"Chest of flags" can only be used to interrupt a tag from an enermy with less br. Or when AI is attacked and you are pulled in through the stupid roe range.

Any attacker with equal or higher br, the "chest of flags" has no use.

The "chest of flags" will cost *edit after pm* only 10 combat marks each!

Open to extra ideas and suggestions.

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