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Announcing: The Association Of Unified Society Leaders (AUSL)

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Hear ye! Hear ye!





Signed and supported this day:

  • Tattered Flags - Johny Reb
  • The Decatur Armada- Saintduiex
  • Crimson Blade - Jim Bluesteel
  • Royal Navy, Sea Lords VF - Charles Caldwell
  • United Polish Navy - Bart
  • Real Armada Espanola - Comandante Gomez




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I see a 18th century NATO but I am 18th century North Korea.  :ph34r:


Would that make you an 18th Century Kim Jong Un with scores of uniformed men following you around with parchment and quill on every portrait you have painted of yourself?

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I've removed specific names, but you will know individually:


I've been considering AUSL and their charter.  This goes against it, and discourages folks from taking it seriously...  Lots of forum PVP going on here.



I am a founding member of AUSL and helped craft the forum pvp statement within the charter.  Your point is well taken and was worth bringing up but I wanted to separate a few points from in it.


AUSL was formed to allow debate between the society leaders about issues important to their membership outside of the NA action forum structure and its repetitive nature. Although, there are individual members of the AUSL they speak only for themselves when in the forums and are not speaking at all for the AUSL.

The PvP statement was not so much of a promise by our members to stay out of passionate forum debate but rather a statement that when the AUSL posts it is a final position. It won't debate it, it won't respond to comments on it. Its posts are meant to convey final opinions that have been debated by its membership.


For my part in it, I said nothing that was meant to be name calling but obviously someone took it as such and I'm sorry for that. My second post was simply a defense against being called dishonorable which I feel I have an obligation to do. If the membership of AUSL feel that I have violated any part of our charter than I invite them to let me know and explain why. I will gladly honor whatever they think is right. I don't wish to give the AUSL a bad name.

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With all of the discussion going on about politeness and behavior I wanted to let the folks who are newer to the game know about the AUSL, a group formed several months ago to help establish the behavior that will be expected in-game and in the forums.

While it was founded by the original Naval Action groups and fleets, membership is open to all Naval Action Players. by simply adding the small icon to your signature

By doing so you are publically stating that you too believe in these principles and will uphold them yourself.


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