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On 26/6/2017 at 9:45 PM, elite92 said:

really like this idea:

1 tag cirlce under the attacker and 1 circle under the difender.

same BR rules as now but with the sum of both circles, taking in the BR calc all the ships in the 2 circles.

all the ships in the 2 circles are dragged in the battle, if the battle start.

attack fail if 2 cirlces lose contact before 15 seconds.

(little consideration: imho we should get rid of attack cooldown reset mechanic, so if u attack and u want to disengage before 15 seconds for whatever reason u have to move away from him, so u need to be carefull and strategic when u click attack cause if the 2 circles remain in contact the battle will start; but this is only my thought)

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