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Triple XP/gold/loot for kills that generate or counter contention

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tl;dr: Grinding contention should be the #1 best way to PvE in this game.

I think one remaining problem is how people still avoid risky behavior.

You want money. You want random drops. You want ship XP. What do you do? If you're like most people, you grind 1st rate missions outside your nation's capital, inside the protected waters or else in the middle of nowhere, where nasty enemies don't know to look for you.

Grinding contention would be similar or better rewards in many places but you don't do that because it's risky.

Maybe we should up the rewards for this risky behavior?

3x rewards for grinding in contended areas:

  • Encourages port battle generation.
  • Encourages new players to participate in the RvR scene.
  • Generates more PvP along border regions as both teams want that sweet grinding spot.
  • Still allows for missions if you must live in safety but they are worth a lot less, relatively, than grinding.
  • Even "bad" grind areas that are thin on traffic are probably worthwhile now.
  • Shows people where the action is at, just by looking at the map. Even if you are grinding + counter-grinding an area in cooperation with another nation, any group of privateers can look at the map and see what's going on and know "there are players there".
  • War. War everywhere.

Also thinking there could be a pop-up reward for making a port hit 100 or 0, based on the work you, personally, did to get it there.

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Agree completely with all arguments. One more excellent suggestion to promote open world PvP - since if grinding hostility is lucrative, both sides will be inclined to show up and fights between fleets will be more likely. 

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8 hours ago, admin said:

we just need to increase pvp rewards and add special drops for pvp 

That will make people who already PvP happier but I don't think it will make more people engage in activities that lead to PvP.

The bottom line problem with PvP is "finding targets" and contention is one of the best ways of doing that today. I just think we could create a whole lot more of that by sweetening the pot a little.

Worth a shot though. Maybe it will convince more people to go hunting.

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12 hours ago, admin said:

we just need to increase pvp rewards and add special drops for pvp 

we are working on that

Just to left you know I get the same rewards from solo 1st rates vs 3rd rate or 4th.  It's cheaper to run the 3rd rate cause of bounced shots and repairs Comp aired to the others.  I than take 4th rare Agfa in the 4rd 2nd and 1st rate battles and got more co but same gold amount of 40k.  If I do a 3rd rate and get two 5th rates I get about 60k.   So it's. It profitable to grin big ships.  Worse is if you do fleets with friends you get even less so a lot of guys are solo fleets.  Sharing rewards right now hurts team play.  No one wants to grind in groups other than for Argo cause it plitw the rewards to much.  Than you have pvp.   Where the taggers or borders get little to no reward cause they didn't get enough damage for assist/kills.  I'm making little to nothing in pop now other than the thrill of the hunt/fight and that is an issue.


High risk little to no reward isn't going to get more folks out PVPing

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