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One of our clan mats just visited it a week ago and got some good pics. I'll see if he might get on here and post some links.

But I think he's talking about the in game Kickstart thing to get the model to look more like the real one.

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If this is about the re-work of the hull model in game, I hope it is being worked on. Constitution is a good ship, but she suffers severely in the game because of her lack of hull shape. For that reason, I prefer the Indefatigable as my choice heavy frigate, but if the Constitution had a hull shape similar to the real-life one, I image I'd quickly have a new favorite heavy frigate.

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Just now, Prater said:

Last I heard they might do a crowdfund/kickstarter for a new Constitution model. 

Last I heard there will be no kickstarter and so no new Constitution model. :(

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Soo...from my understanding, they just completely scrapped the idea of updating Constitution's model at all? So....one of the most famous USN warships is going to continue to have a highly outdated model and we're just supposed to accept that?


I'd say I was surprised, but given all the prior actions I've seen of the devs...I'm really not...


I am EXTREMELY disappointed however...

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