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Is it possible to have the forums improved by displaying more than 5 of the most recently posted topics in the side bar to the right of the screen? Currently we are in a situation where it would be nice to see some of the newest posts on display for longer so they find more people that might be interested in them. On busier days where there might have been a new patch and you are trying to juggle playing the game itself and keep an eye out on the forums where the current list of 5 sometimes doesn't give you enough time to see things as they appear.

The list of various forums is pretty long now, it would be good to make use of the extra space a bit more, moving birthdays down a little so you don't instantly see them. While on the topic of birthdays it might be nice to see a longer list of those too but i'd really like to see more of the recent topics.

Thanks for Reading. :)

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