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Seminary Ridge Lost Off-Camera


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I really enjoy this game! However, I'm confused about what's happened in my Union campaign. I fired up the autosave to start the next scenario and saw that I no longer hold Seminary or Oak Ridges, as I did previously. I'm wondering if there's a problem with my game. Here are the scenarios that have occurred so far:

1. Arriving at Gettysburg - hold Seminary Ridge, Oak Ridge and Oak Hill

2. Confederates Are Repulsed to Herr's Ridge - hold Seminary and Oak Ridges

3. Union Holds Oak Ridge - hold Seminary Ridge and Oak Ridge (barely), CSA driven back on right

4. The Union Attacks Benner's Hill with Force - I'm not 100% sure, but I think I may have already controlled Benner's Hill at the end of the previous scenario. It's possible they still had a unit lurking there, though. Whatever, the general idea's right; I want to press them on that flank. Take Benner's Hill

5. (Current) The Union Right Under Fire - er, why do I no longer control Oak and Seminary Ridges? Last scenario that featured them I was firm on Seminary and still controlled the Oak Ridge objective point. It was even styled Union Holds Oak Ridge. What happened?

I'm very confused. Usually when I don't understand something in a game, there's an easy explanation that I've overlooked, so I may feel foolish after reading responses. But I can't discern why I Corps is now on Cemetery Hill. I wasn't offered a choice of scenarios after no. 4, so I didn't choose to retreat them off-screen. I found a post on Steam saying that if you had to counterattack to reclaim an objective during a scenario, your forces may be removed from it between scenarios, but I did continuously hold Oak and Seminary Ridges in all scenarios.

I still have the autosaves (copied and pasted into another folder) between each scenario if those would be helpful in some way.

TL;DR Troops teleported away from positions between scenarios.
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