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Little bit of real history of Gustavia


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I don't know whether this doctoral thesis has been mentioned here before, but it might be interesting, although I have not read it yet.

Victor Wilson: Commerce in Disguise - War and Trade in the Caribbean Free Port of Gustavia, 1793-1815

Edit: You can find the thesis in this permanent address: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-765-807-2

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18 hours ago, The Red Duke said:

Word of caution.

Always contact the author ( if not yourself ) about having the work linked.

One, it is the appropriate gesture.

Two, promotes the historical game we play.

That is an open access published thesis in Doria which is "a multi-institutional repository maintained by National Library of Finland" as they say in the home page. That thesis is easy to find by the name of the author and title or even "Victor Wilson Gustavia".

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