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[KOTO] Return Of The Oath Keepers!

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Ahoy mates, fellow thieves and swashbucklers! With authority given to me by Admiral Kuth the Oath Keepers again shall rule the seas! 

Here is what I am looking for!

  • Mature respectful individuals
  • Fellow pirates to plunder with
  • Players who are interested in PvP combat as well as PvE when necessary 
  • Tight knit group, comradery with future plans of growth as active clan members increase


  1. If you are a new player [KOTO] was one of the biggest pirate clans last year and part of the coalition, our Victories are well known across the seas and shall be known forever in the history of Naval Action! 
  2. If you are a returning player then what are you waiting for, will you raise the black flag?
  3. POC- TimeForged message me in game!




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Calling all keepers of the oath back to the black. The original dread pirates of yesteryear are returning with vengeance a top priority. We vow to fly the black yet again and make the seas run thick with the blood of the traitors of our past and the new enemies laying waste to our free Caribbean.

To all who don't return the black spot will be cast apon yeee and our mighty captains will have you keel hauled before yee know it! 


Recruitment is OPEN


For old friends get in contact our doors are always open. For new friends get in touch with one of our officers listed below.

For more information Contact: 



Capt Jubal Early

Bloody Hound

Thunder wolf

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my experience with KOTO in battle has been great, if you’re a pirate and like PvP I personally recommend this clan :)

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On 08/02/2018 at 10:45 AM, Capt Jubal Early said:

@admin please kill this post. Were going to create a updated one with new relevant information.

Looking forward to it!

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