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The following gazette is intent on publishing selected "prize court" cases pertaining "la guerre de course" as per French maritime tradition.

The issues will be published without regularity, but can increase or decrease in number due to the cases sent to the gazette.

When you like what you read than please give a like and participate "in character" with your replies via pm.

Otherwise I would kindly request the moderators to hide all answers to keep the topic in role-play fashion and 100% clean of troll/flame posts.

In case you want to give feedback pls use the pm function as well.

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Le Malouin
corsair Gazette & prize Bulletin for French Antilles . Tridi.III.Prairal anne CCXXV de la République


Grand Auction
to be held at FortRoyale this Tridi, day 23

Following the capture of Outlaw indiaman, nearby Santo Domingo,
along with consort brig, the following inventory will be open for
public auction. Cartel and armateur associations will be granted access
of appraisal and right of reserve before the public event

indiaman 800 tons .   .   .released to the Rouge&Laurel company
fair american Brig 180 tons.   .   .   purchased by anonymous
white oak logs .   .   .   .   .   .   . .   .   .   .  422 lots
luxury Versailles Terracotta fabric .   .   .   .   .   .   2 lots
assortment of luxury historical artifacts .   .   .   .   .   5 lots


Other prizes of note

Contraband schooner of 100 tons, from Christianstadt,
cargo of Danish beer, 16 barrels. Cargo sold 17488
Schooner dismantled.

44 guns 4-pounds salvaged from capture, frigate
Surprise, dutch pavillion, ship prized and auctioned

Fair american Brig, British colours, from Las Aves
7 spanish gold coins, 12 french gold livres,
17 contraband goods and contract for 500 hours
Brig auctioned at 80 thousand, cargo total 133,306

British Brig, from Coquibacoa, cargo of Cheschire
cheese, 38 cases, and Malabar Teak, 8 trunks.
Two long 6pdr cannons salvaged. Total value of
auction, brig and cargo, 261,962

Swedish convoy captured. French frigate Belle,
two fair american Brigs. One brig dismantled.
Cargo of fir logs, 35, Bavarian grain, 127 bushels,
28 12-pdr long and 12 6-pdr longcannons salvaged
Several items auction total, 119,125

Outlaw cutter and lake niagara snow brig, from
La Navasse. Cargo of Arabian coffee, 41 sacks,
Assam tea, 144 boxes and 1 crate of fine leathers
valued at public auction grant total of 55,355
Both vessels requested for Navy duty.

Jutland amber cargo, 3 boxes, valued at 52,401,
from brig supposedly flying Danish-Norwegian flag,
but having been found also Swedish and French flags
and false papers. This particular capture is yet under
investigation by the authorities. Danish officials
presented their disgust at the act of pyracy but did
not confirm nor deny the identity of the brig.

Three merchant brigs, from Atwood, no flags,

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