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General patch 10 forum cleanup

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I realize this is a painful task to ask of mods but it may be something they could work on in spare time:

Go around to various forums and re-evaluate the sticky-threads.

Some forums have way too many and should be consolidated into a "Sticky Post of Links to Other Important Posts", as was done in the Guides forum.

Other stickies are simply outdated, containing information from over a year ago that nobody has talked about or updated and should just be un-stickied.

The "Sticky Post of Links to Other Important Posts" could use a going-over as well, to see which of those links are still relevant. Delete the ones that have gotten too out of date. Some things (like a link to a post describing manual sailing techniques) are pretty timeless but I bet some of the others, dealing with specific mechanics that have changed a lot, are no longer valuable.


I do not envy or volunteer for this task. I'm just sayin' the outdated sticky-post situation is probably about due for a good looking at.

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