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Teak forest

Uno, nessuno e centomila


Hi all:)

I've red in the crafting section "Teak forest lv.1" as a requirement for the specific resource.

I've deeply searched for a port which has a Teak foresta but I can't find it.

So how can I produce materials that are produced from the teak forests?

Where do I find Teak forests?

I play for the british faction if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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It doesn't exist.

A number of obsolete blueprints are still in game. Teak, Pine, Red Wood, Compass Wood, Live Oak, Cedar, Mahogany (off the top of my head).

Teak, Live Oak, Cedar and Mahogany are now seeded in shops in selected ports (as are Sabicu, Caguairan and White Oak too). Pine and Red Wood no longer exist and Compass Wood drops from oak and fir production.

For Teak and the other seeded woods, check the Trader Tool for ports witrh a dot in the A column

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